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Addiction, The

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  • Addiction, The
  • Author: Nicholas St. John
  • Director: Abel Ferrara
  • Producer: October Films
  • Year: 1995
  • Country: USA
  • 82 minutes
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In this stylish, highly symbolized take on the vampire legend an NYU grad student is afflicted with the 'addiction' for blood after she's accosted by a Carpathian night-dweller. Seeking to cure herself, she seeks out a master vampire to learn how to control her cravings and find redemption.

Qvamp says:

I thought this movie was best summarized as 'Pseudo-intellectual vampires add to their masses when a young doctoral candidate discovers her addiction to blood.' This was a bad b&w movie set in contemporary, urban environment. There is one 'pick-up' between the vampire and a woman she meets. Never before have you dreaded hearing the word 'Kierkegaard'.

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Rating D
Queer Vampire Rating C-
Amount of Gay Content alluded to


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User Ratings

Overall Rating: D-     Queer vampire Rating: D+    

God-awful, boring and dreary vampire film which was one of those critically over-hyped 'You've got to see it' art house films. Lili Taylor, whom I adore, is a New Yorker bitten one rainy night by beautiful Annabella Sciorra. Afterwards, Taylor goes down the usual path of 'becoming' a vampire and not understanding her hunger, eventually becoming schizophrenic.

It's clear what director Abel Fererra (BODY SNATCHERS, MS. 45) was going for, commenting on our addictions like smoking, drugs, etc. and even reads as a sort of AIDS metaphor. Unfortunately, it's all sooooo slow moving and dank you really can't get into it. Most of the characters are little more than bodycount, and they aren't personable enough for you to even care about. It's all a shame, because Ferrera is a gifted filmmaker. Maybe that's why I'm being so harsh.

As for the queer quotient, it's your usual Lesbos Vampiros routine. Not interesting enough to seek out.


By: Xandres ( xandres@myway.com )
Overall Rating: B     Queer vampire Rating: B    

The movie is all right, I guess. It tries to be artsy and philosophical, but it fails, in my humble opinion, to achieve its goal.


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