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Mama Dracula

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  • Mama Dracula
  • Author: Pierre Sterckx, Boris Szulzinger and Marc-Henri Wajnberg
  • Director: Boris Szulzinger
  • Producer: Boris Szulzinger
  • Year: 1980
  • Country: France
  • 93 minutes
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To keep her youthful appearance, Mama must bathe in the blood of beautiful young virgins, but where do you find them in the '80's? To lure in a victim, Mama is forced, out of desperation, into employing the services of a pair of bumbling vampire twins.

Qvamp says:

Her two twin sons are flamboyant and odd, but I don't think that they're really gay. The do work in fashion, but they marry a woman (but granted, they both marry the same one at the same time ... m\énage?)

Rating --
Queer Vampire Rating --
Amount of Gay Content lightly homoerotic


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