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Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary

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  • Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary
  • Author: Malcolm Marmorstein
  • Director: Juan Lopez
  • Producer: Translor Productions
  • Year: 1975
  • Country: Mexico
  • 101 minutes
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Mary, a beautiful bisexual, American artist living in Mexico, has an unusual compulsion to drink the blood of her innocent victims... be they friends or strangers.

While her horrific appetites are being sated, her life becomes further complicated with a murder investigation, the love of a handsome young American ex-patriot, and the sudden appearance of her father. Her father is the most problematic being intent upon satisfying his own heinous hungers as well as killing Mary before she becomes totally consumed by his legacy of compulsion.

As Mary continues her bloody rampage across the country, investigators and her parent, close in.

Qvamp says:

This Mexican vampire movie revolves around a bisexual female vampire who is haunted by a mysterious black-cloaked individual and chased by the police.

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