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Sailors' Tales (Matrosengeschichten)

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  • Sailors' Tales (Matrosengeschichten)
  • Editor: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
  • Year: 1884
  • Country: Germany
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Originally written in German as Matrosengeschichten, Sailors' Tales is a collection of short stories including 'Manor', the earliest gay vampire story written.

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Short stories written by the first modern gay activist. This collection includes the story 'Manor' which is the oldest gay male vampire story to date.

The English translation of this story is available on this site.

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The 'Tales' consists of four Norwegian stories: 'Sulitelma,' 'Atlantis,' 'Manor,' and 'The Monk of Sumboe.' They were written while Ulrichs was in L'Aquila, Italy, in 1884. 'Sulitelma' and 'Manor' contain gay/homoerotic content; while 'Atlantis' and 'The Monk of Sumboe' are heterosexual in content.

Common to all the stories is that the protagonists die in the end. Fratricide occurs in 'Sulitelma.' In 'Atlantis' even the Phoenix dies of grief (that's why you don't see it anymore!). Seeing the ship 'Sulitelma' brings misfortune, likewise the mermaid, or nix, who lives in a grotto beneath 'The Monk,' which is a mountain in Sumboe, a Norwegian island. 'Manor' is available to read here on Queer Horror. These stories were written by the first known Gay activist, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs.


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