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Bite, The

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  • Bite, The
  • Author: Taylor Hudson
  • Director: Taylor Hudson
  • Producer: Josh Eliot
  • Year: 1993
  • Country: US
  • 85 minutes
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Three hundred years ago a vampire hunter was cursed to become slave to those he hunted. Only when he received the kiss of a true love and the sacrifice of another would he be freed from this curse.

As we enter modern times, we see the vampire master grant freedom to one of his slaves. We learn that he cannot, and will not, free the former vampire hunter, now turned vampire, from his curse.

The story centers around a fraternity that is using his old house for their initiation. The brothers show up two by two where they are mesmerized into having sex with each other and then brought into the vampire's clutches to become his dinner. One fraternity brother shows up late and instead meets up with the former vampire hunter. It is found that the two of them spent a weekend together and they both fell in love with each other. Trusting his secret, the vampire shows his true colors and the mortal says he still loves him. Not wanting to grow old, and unwilling to give up the man he loves, the mortal offers his life to the vampire to become one of them.

Qvamp says:

I wasn't thrilled with this movie. It's become a tired, old clich\é that a vampire will be cured when he meets someone he loves, and even older that great sex with a cute boy = love.

One thing noteworthy. This is the only gay vampire movie that has a BDSM master-slave type relationship in it.

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