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Spirit is Willing, The

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  • Spirit is Willing, The
  • Author: Buddy Ball
  • Director: Kennith Holloway
  • Producer: Kennith Holloway
  • Year: 1986
  • Country: US
  • 79 minutes
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'The Spirit Is Willing' is an amusing, often hot look at Halloween fun through the eyes of three stereotypical older gay men who reminisce about all the fun they had when they were young studs. And with the help of a magic voodoo potion, they hope to relive their glory days.

Qvamp says:

The basic premise of the movie is that there is a Halloween mask that makes guys have sex with each other. Most of the story is told as a series of flashbacks when three elderly men are bragging to each other about their sexual exploits.

While the implication is that there is wicked voodoo afoot, there is very little in the way of horror content. However, there is a very short 'vampire' scene during a Halloween party. The vampire is a guy in a vampire costume that does it with another guy.

The movie as a whole is tough to watch, unless you're into much older men, because as soon as a sex scene ends, it cuts to the men reminiscing. The end shows the men who believed in the voodoo potion getting their wish or returned youth.

Rating D+
Queer Vampire Rating C-
Amount of Gay Content porn


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