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Gay Vampire

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  • Gay Vampire
  • Author: Davy S.
  • Publisher: 101 Enterprises Inc.
  • Year: 1969
  • Country: US
  • 91 pages

incest, gang ganging

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Davy is miserable in high school. He doesn't seem to be like the other kids. What could be wrong with him? It becomes worse when bullies decide to savage him. But his life really turns around when he discovers a secret passage in a crypt and a man inside. Will the warnings from a ghost protect him?

Qvamp says:

This pulp is very poorly written and a good example of the internalized homophobia and belief in the stereotypes of the time. Most of the plot involves the main character giggling, shrieking or crying and running away.

The plot surrounds a young high-school boy who is weak, confused and rather pathetic. Davy is constantly hoping for a big strong man to protect him - though virtually every man he meets end up raping him. The focus of the story, as the name suggests, is a green skinned vampire that Davy frees from imprisonment. The two become a couple until the vampire decides to go straight and to make Davy straight too.

Throughout the story Davy runs away, gets raped a lot, cries and runs some more. After the whirlwind adventure where Davy ends up becoming incredibly rich he returns and tells the vampire he loves him (after sleeping with many other men) and the vampire becomes human; all their problems are solved and they're a happy couple.

This is a rare pulp novel - good luck in finding one.

Rating D-
Queer Vampire Rating B-
Amount of Gay Content sex


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