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  • Draghoula
  • Author: Bashar Shbib
  • Director: Bashar Shbib
  • Producer: Bashar Shbib
  • Year: 1995
  • Country: Canada
  • 86 minutes
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Harry is a young, Jewish scientist who is trying to isolate the guilt gene. When the laboratory administration announces a budget cut, Harry is forced to purchase the rats for his experiments through a Transylvanian agency. After being bitten by one of these rats, Harry is transformed nightly into 'Draghoula', a vampire in drag. Harry's mother, and his coworker, Sabrina, each believe they know the key to returning him to his former state, and attempt to save him.

Qvamp says:

Bizarre movie, and on the edge of being a good cult movie. Which is what you'd expect in a movie about a Jewish scientist who lives with his mother searching for the guilt gene. The sound in this movie is odd.

Rating B-
Queer Vampire Rating C
Amount of Gay Content alluded to


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