Queer Vampyres


book      fiction

  • Virago
  • Author: Karen Marie Christa Minns
  • Publisher: Naiad Press
  • Year: 1990
  • Country: US
  • 191 pages

incestual reference

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On a small college campus in upstate New York, young lovers Manilla and Ginny have only each other.

Darsen, the most ancient and feared of earth's legendary creatures, has chosen Ginny. This erotically magnetic woman awaits ideal circumstances to possess Ginny. Darsen knows that Ginny cannot withstand her powers, that the sweet young woman will be hers. Soon, very soon Darsen will take her intense vampiric pleasures...

Enter Professor Slater, who has just taken over the anthropology department at Weston College. Something has happened to Slater in the rain forest along the Amazon River, something that has brought her strange powers and compelling hungers...

What mysterious purpose has brought Slater to Weston College? Most of all -- can anything save Ginny and Manilla from the seemingly invincible Darsen?

Qvamp says:

This book is the original release of Bloodsong, a Novel.

The story is mostly lesbian in nature, and focus on a long-term lesbian relationship between two collegiates. However, the 'evil' vampire enjoys working through others and also introduces a gay prostitute to the story, who slashes his johns to help the vampire to feed.

Both vampires in this story are identified as lesbian, and the story has significant girl/girl sex.

Rating C
Queer Vampire Rating C+
Amount of Gay Content sex


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