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Night Bites: Vampire Stories by Women

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  • Night Bites: Vampire Stories by Women
  • Editor: Victoria Brownworth
  • Publisher: Seal Press
  • Year: 1996
  • Country: US
  • 259 pages
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Anthology of 16 vampire stories, a few have lesbian themes. This collection of seductive vampire stories is by turns sexy and subversive.

Qvamp says:

A collection of short stories focusing on vampires by women. A few of the stories here have lesbian content.

'Anita, Polish Vampire, Holds Forth at the Jewish Cafe of the Dead' is, as its title suggests, an unusual story. 'Refugio' is the first Hispanic lesbian vampire story that has been published. 'Backlash' deals with the horror of AIDS.

Rating B+
Queer Vampire Rating B+
Amount of Gay Content sex

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User Ratings

By: MsMaryMacabre ( msmarymacabre@aol.com )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer vampire Rating: B+    

I loved this book and think it is fantastic. There are some really great stories with interesting themes. I really like the story 'The Jewish Cafe of The Dead.' These are not all typical vampire stories, some are almost metaphorical. They all have a strong female presence, and quite a few have underlying or overt lesbian aspects. I highly recommend this book.


By: Rob Dunbar ( DunbarRbrt@aol.com )
Overall Rating: B+     Queer vampire Rating: A+    

Love sucks.

Especially here. Victoria Brownworth, editor of this collection of vamire stories by and about women, originally conceived this book as a showcase for the writings of some of her students. However, she succeeded in attracting contrbutions from writers as diverse as novelist Judith Katz and poet Lisa Williamson, and as with her previous anthology, OUT FOR BLOOD, the results are chillingly satisfying. These variations on the concept of the eternal feminine (accent on 'eternal') pretty much cover the range of vampiric possibilities: lesbian revenants, reluctant bloodsuckers, insatiable succubbi and assorted other children of the night all put in a ghoulish appearance ... and all exhbit distinctle addictive/compulsive behaviour.

Forget those bats flapping at the window. These are sophisticated thrills. NIGHT BITES is just the thing to curl up with some dark, solitary evening. Thunder and lightning optional.

Rob Dunbar


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