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TITanic 2000

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  • TITanic 2000
  • AKA:
    Vampire Lovers 2000
  • Author: Clancy Fitz Simmons
  • Director: John P. Fedele
  • Producer: Michael L. Raso
  • Year: 1999
  • Country: US
  • 85 minutes
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The year is 2000...There's a brand spanking new Titanic...and this time it's guaranteed not to go down. Yeah, right!

Deadly cargo has been stowed aboard Titanic 2000 in the form of a beautiful and voluptuous lesbian vampire named Vladamina, but she's not there for the shuffleboard and all-night buffet. With the help of her trusty henchmen, this gorgeous, well-endowed creature of the night is on the prowl for an eternal soul-mate of the female persuasion who can survive her 'dark gift'. Come hell or high water, nothing will stop her!

Qvamp says:

Considering that this is a 'made for straight men' lesbian video, it was rather amusing. There was enough farce to make it an entertaining film, and if you like watching women have sex, it probably has even more to offer.

I do have to admit, it's not often you see 'The Unsinkable Molly Black' in a porn.

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