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Mistress of Seduction

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  • Mistress of Seduction
  • Author: Michele Pacitto
  • Director: Michele Pacitto
  • Producer: John Bacchus and Michael Beckerman
  • Year: 2000
  • Country: US
  • 80 minutes
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Her name is Vamparina, the darkly sensual daughter of Count Dracula and a lustful seducer of ripe, young college girls who anxiously offer their virginal bodies to satisfy her wild lesbian desires. For generations Vamparina has been searching for the reincarnated soul of the vampire hunter who killed her father. Now she has found it...in the body of a college student, John. Planning to seduce then destroy John in order to avenge her father, Vamparina does not know that John's gorgeous sister, Corina, has discovered her true identity. Corina allows herself to be bitten by a dying vampire, thus making her a creature-of-the-night able to battle Vamparina and her delectable sex slaves. But Vamparina has a way with beautiful women, and who knows what deliciously erotic naughtiness her and Corina may experience. Will they be mortal enemies...or lovers?

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