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Vampire's Kiss

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  • Vampire's Kiss
  • Author: Sonny Barker
  • Publisher: Pleasure Readers (Greenleaf Classics)
  • Year: 1970
  • Country: US
  • 157 pages

gay bashing

book cover

A heterosexual man enters a gay bar for the first time in his life and finds himself drawn to a man with irresistible power. But after sleeping with this man he finds himself obsessed with other men. Is he really queer, or is he becoming a gay vampire?

Qvamp says:

This book is really a fascinating find. When it was written, it was very progressive, now it has a homophobic bent to it. Basically, a man sleeps with another man and now becomes aware of how attracted he is to men. But he doesn't want to accept it, so he begins to invent an elaborate fantasy where he has been converted into a 'gay vampire.'

This type of vampirism causes you to crave sex with other men. And every time you have sex with another man, you make them also crave sex with other men. Essentially 'converting' heterosexuals.

This book is extremely rare!

Rating B-
Queer Vampire Rating B+
Amount of Gay Content porn


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