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Cav. Costante Nicosia demoniaco, ovvero: Dracula in Brianza, Il

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  • Cav. Costante Nicosia demoniaco, ovvero: Dracula in Brianza, Il
  • AKA:
    Dracula in the Provinces;
    Young Dracula;
    Dracula in Brianza
  • Author: Mario Amendola; Pupi Avati; Bruno Corbucci
  • Director: Lucio Fulci
  • Producer: Alfonso Donati
  • Year: 1975
  • Country: Italy
  • 89 minutes
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A broad, if homophobic, parody of the vampire genre. The film stars a wealthy toothpaste magnate who attempts to get away from his greedy relatives and frigid wife (Sylva Koscina) by taking a business trip to Romania. He hopes to seduce the local women, but ends up staying the night with a kinky Count Dracula (John Steiner) instead. After waking up next to the count after a night of drunken revelry, and finding two small puncture marks on his neck, this neurotic man feels himself changing. Panicking that he may be gay, Buzzanca flees home, where he finds that only a steady supply of blood will keep him heterosexual.

Qvamp says:

This is a slightly homophobic and very unfocused spoof of vampire movies. The plot is really difficult to discern, and the gay aspect is downplayed very quickly in the movie. For it being a 'gay' spoof, an awful lot of breasts are shown.

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