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Faked to Death: A Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery

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  • Faked to Death: A Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery
  • Author: Dean James
  • Publisher: Kensington Pub Corp
  • Year: 2003
  • Country: US
  • 288 pages
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Simon, along with his adoring young aide, Sir Giles, attends a crime writer's conference at Kinsale House presided over by its domineering chatelaine, Lady Hermione. To his astonishment, Simon discovers that the featured speaker purports to be one of his nom de plumes, Dorinda Darlington. The thoroughly nasty literary agent shared by all should be the murderer's object, but she has too much on her clients, and it's the Dorinda imposter who ends up squashed by a stone urn pushed from the terrace.

Qvamp says:

A follow up to the first book Posted to Death, involving the gay vampire mystery writer Simon Kirby-Jones.

While this book is significantly better written than the first, it is still not technically a mystery. No clues are given for the reader to be able to solve the mystery. Instead, we are treated to the way that the 'detective' solved the crime after the fact. This is still an extremely unusual entry into the gay vampire category, and an enjoyable read for those who enjoy this genre. But, I don't recommend it for mystery writers.

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From Kirkus Reviews 4/23/2003

In the quaint English village of Snupperton Mumsley, esteemed historian and author Simon Kirby-Jones has a closetful of skeletons. He pens historical romances under the pseudonym Daphne Deepwood and female private-eye novels as Dorinda Darlington. Unknown to both fans and friends, he's also a gay vampire. But it's Simon's d


From Library Journal 4/23/2003

Just about everyone in this delightful cozy has a secret, and one Dorinda Darlington seems to have discovered them all. Before she can implement her blackmailing scheme, however, someone kills her during a writers' conference at pretentious Lady Hermione's stately (but garishly decorated) home. Series sleuth Simon Kirby-Jones (Posted to Death) has several secrets of his own: being gay and a vampire notwithstanding, he also uses the pen name Dorinda Darlington, so he knows that the woman is a fake. Cheeky prose, delicious innuendo and wit, the clever juxtaposition of characters, and a preposterous hero result in great entertainment. [The author is a former LJ reviewer.-Ed.] Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.


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