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Vampire Thrall

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  • Vampire Thrall
  • Author: Michael Schiefelbein
  • Publisher: Alyson Publications
  • Year: 2003
  • Country: US
  • 306 pages
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Reckless hazel-eyed artist Paul Lewis has recurring visions of a sensual vampire. Hired by a group of monks to illustrate a manuscript of the gospels, Paul travels to San Benedetto monastery in Rome, where he falls in love with the arrogant Brother Victor. Sensing an unknown danger in this handsome artist, Victor resists the attraction - until Paul catches him in the act of murder. Unwilling to destroy his young lover, Victor transforms him into his thrall, a tormented being - part human, part vampire - who is completely dependent upon his creator. Paul can choose to become a vampire, but not without a price: the loss of his beloved Victor to the Dark Kingdom and his own damnation to 200 years as a solitary nocturnal predator. Complicating this choice, the strange force that caused Paul's visions aims to turn him against Victor. Will Victor defeat this powerful opponent before it's too late?

Qvamp says:

This book is a sequel to 'Vampire Vow', which was nominated for a 2001 Queer Horror award. This novel is superior to the first and gives depth to the characters.

This book is quite gory and graphic, but contains significant information about monastery life, though it will be as offensive to 'Christians' as the first in the series.

Rating B+
Queer Vampire Rating A
Amount of Gay Content sex


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From Kirkus Reviews 5/15/2003

Sequel to the largely vacuous Vampire's Vow, about Roman centurion Victor Decimus and his gay heartbreak for Jesus. Grab ya? Previously, Jesus rejected Victor's fleshly offering, thus turning Victor first into a rampaging murderer, then a vampire intent on wiping out Christian monasteries. Two millennia have passed since then and Victor is still emptying monasteries. Now, he returns to the monastery of San Benedetto in the Eternal City, where he still defies God while lusting for Jesus. Meanwhile, an epileptic Kansas artist, Paul Lewis, finds himself dreaming lustfully of monks and vampires as his plane descends to Rome and to his job as illuminator of a handwritten vellum gospel for the monks of San Benedetto. We meet Victor, now a mock Benedictine, out for his nightly feeding in the Roman alleyways as, first, he sucks dry a handsome young lad, then a prostitute, and then finds himself pursued by the cold spirit of Jana, his dead lover Michael's Creole grandmother. But this spirit is no colder than Victor himself, who kills even the most beautiful unemotionally, while Paul is all feeling, knows the loss of his ex-lover Rick and wildly fantasizes taking three men in his mouth at once. This heathen homo, Paul tells himself, will have to live on his mental file of fantasies for this monastic year. He meets Victor, who already has thoughts of taking him to the Dark Kingdom, a sensual gay heaven quite unlike Paradise. But Victor resists Paul when he comes onto him. And Victor has arguments with Jesus, who appears to him. But love soon blooms and semen fountains. When Victor makes Paul his thrall, neither living nor undead, a big question forms: Must Victor take off for the Dark Kingdom,leaving Paul behind but fully fledged as a vampire? Really warms you up for turning gay-vampire. And, in a series like this, who knows but that Victor might not yet sodomize Christ?


User Ratings

By: jysyn ( jysyn@yahoo.com )
Overall Rating: A     Queer vampire Rating: A+    

The plot of this story involved characters with a good mix of good and evil. There many points in the story where the plot could have failed but it didn't.

I love the book. I think it could be made into a movie.


By: Nick ( wolfkiller100@aol.com )
Overall Rating: A     Queer vampire Rating: A    

A good gay vampire tale,sexy too, but with no sympathetic characters to latch onto,or share the journey with. An interesting tale,especially the vampire lore, leaves the reader wanting more.


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