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Kiss Me, Kill Me

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New York writer Ray Abreu could deal with getting fired from his job. He could even accept the fact that after looking longer than he was willing to admit, he still hadn't found Mr. Forever.

But Ray could not accept being linked to a series of gruesome murders in the Big Apple.

Ray knew facts about the murders that only the killer could know-the stuff they hide from the public in newspaper accounts. But Ray had no idea why the killer was using him, or how. It seemed too awfully similar to the horror movies he'd loved as a child. But this time the horror was closing in on him.

There's a handsome detective on the case who might be playing for Ray's team. But will Ray live long enough to find out?

Qvamp says:

An interesting story dealing with a multi-racial cast of characters. The story starts with slaves being brought over from Africa on a slave ship and a budding gay relationship on a plantation in the 1800s. And winds up in modern day New York with more gay men and a gay detective.

The story starts well, but ends suddenly, as though the author lost interest in continuing.

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