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Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story

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  • Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story
  • Author: Christopher Moore
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Year: 1995
  • Country: US
  • 300 pages
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Jody never asked to become a vampire. But when she wakes up under an alley dumpster with a badly burned arm, an aching neck, superhuman strength, and a distinctly blood-oriented thirst, she realizes the decision has been made for her. Making the transition from the nine-to-five grind to an eternity of nocturnal prowling is going to take some doing, however, and that's where C. Thomas Flood fits in. A would-be Kerouac from Incontinence, Indiana, Tommy (to his friends) is biding his time night-clerking and frozen turkey bowling in a San Francisco Safeway. But all that changes when a beautiful, undead redhead walks through the door ... and proceeds to rock Tommy's life -- and afterlife -- in ways he never imagined possible.

Qvamp says:

An amusing book with a few gay characters. Most notably is a gruff gay detective that finds Tommy, the main character, extremely attractive. Three Chinese guys ask the main character to marry them. Another minor gay character with AIDS ends up becoming a vampire's victim.

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