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Gilda Stories, The

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  • Gilda Stories, The
  • Author: Jewelle Gomez
  • Publisher: Firebrand Books
  • Year: 1991
  • Country: US
  • 252 pages
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The adventures of a Black lesbian vampire, starting in Mississippi in 1850 where she was a runaway slave child, and continues to 2050 where she is a hunted vampire in Peru.

Qvamp says:

If you get past the idea that these vampires are still alive, this is a really good story, and a good way to see a slice of how life changes in 200 years. Winner of two 1992 Lambda Book Awards for Lesbian Fiction and Lesbian Science Fiction.

Rating A
Queer Vampire Rating A
Amount of Gay Content same-sex relationship


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From Publisher's Weekly 9/08/1991

The central character of this multiracial, feminist, lesbian vampire romance fantasy travels through time and leads multiple lives. Throughout her lives, Gilda is a woman of African descent with strong feminist traits and a sense of loyalty to her friends and family, both mortal and immortal. In her first life, she is a runaway slave in Louisiana in 1850, not yet a vampire, not yet named, who stabs a rapist/bounty hunter in self-defense. Rescued and adopted by Gilda, a vampire who runs a brothel, she soon becomes a vampire herself and adopts Gilda's name. Subsequent lives take Gilda to California in 1890, Missouri in 1921, Massachusetts in 1955, New York in 1981 where she does a stint as a cabaret singer, and into the future in New Hampshire in 2020 and up to the year 2050. Gomez provides an unusual twist to the erotic vampire novel, introducing issues of race and sexual preference, but there is no attempt to address these issues except as fodder for an ultimately uninteresting romance novel. This is Gomez's first novel; she is a poet and the author of Flamingoes and Bears. (June)


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