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Lovers Who Stay with You

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  • Lovers Who Stay with You
  • Editor: David MacMillan
  • Publisher: STARBooks Press
  • Year: 2003
  • Country: US
  • 395 pages

minor consensual incest

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A collection of 28 short erotic vampire stories blending the vampire, romance, and erotic genres. Lovers Who Stay With You boasts contributions from such luminaries of gay erotica as Philip Markham, Simon Sheppard, Jay Starr, Barry Alexander, Grant Foster, Jordan Baker, and Bill Crimmin and such writers of great promise as S. D. Yorston, Richard Bellingham, Davy Jones, Michael Gouda, and Daniel Ritter.

Qvamp says:

This contains many, many short erotic stories about gay vampires, most no more than 10 pages. The longest story in the book 'Confessions of a Vampire' is a vengeance story about a gay vampire seeking to rid Washington D.C. from homophobes, both closeted and straight.

'Momma's Boy' stands out as the most unusual, featuring two separate tribes of Philipino vampires: a danag and a tiyanak.

Other than this, the stories mostly focus on gorgeous guys meeting the love of their life after seeing them across a room or having sex with them right after meeting them.

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