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Guilty Innocent, The: Knights of the Darkness Chronicles

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In a world not too different from our own, supernatural creatures live among us. Outed to the world, they and the humans have had to learn to live together, though prejudice between the normals and paranormals is still strong. S.U.I.T., the Special Unit Investigation Team, is a police task force that helps maintain this peace by dealing with supernatural crimes.

Now a human has been killed, and her body is found in the trunk of a powerful vampire's car. But has the vampire gone rogue, or is he being set up? Natasha, a budding psychic, roommate of the deceased and girlfriend of the vampire, believes it is foul play, and helps assemble a team to find out what has happened.

Qvamp says:

A story about bisexual vampires, werewolves and were-leopards. This novel is a strong improvement from the first in the series. Though there are still many typos and grammar problems, the plot is much more intriguing. Though a quick read and much more aimed at the supernatural slash crowd, I enjoyed some of the new spins on the genre that the author has added.

This author is worth watching.

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