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Dhampir: Child of the Blood

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  • Dhampir: Child of the Blood
  • Author: V. M. Johnson
  • Publisher: Mystic Rose Books
  • Year: 1995
  • Country: US
  • 139 pages
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Vampyres walk amongst us. Here, for perhaps the first time in this century, a vampyre of the Clan of Lilith invites us into her life through letters to her newly made 'cub' and to those she calls her 'food.' In this book, the myths come alive, but they are not as one expects from the myriad fictional accounts. You will see what it means to become Vampyre, what they endure, what they sacrifice and why, how a vampyre feeds, hunts and how they feel when the 'best' is upon them. Courageously, Johnson uses her real name, discusses real people and events and passes on to us the history, legends and wisdom of The Clan of Lilith handed down by her sire when he made her.

Frank, explicit letters from a mother to a daughter about life and survival as one of the newest members of the vampyre Clan of Lilith.

Qvamp says:

An unusual and difficult to read book consisting of a series of letters from a vampire 'mom' to her daughter (and in the last few pages, her son). The letters are as you'd expect from someone you correspond with... you can piece together the meaning, but they make a rather disjointed and jarring story.

The mother has a same-sex relationship with another woman, and the daughter eventually develops one too.

In terms of oddly strange vampire works, this one is okay. I wouldn't put it in the top few works that someone should read, but if you're a well-read vampire aficionado, you may enjoy this.

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