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Bound in Flesh

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  • Bound in Flesh
  • Author: David Thomas Lord
  • Publisher: Kensington Books
  • Year: 2006
  • Country: US
  • 298 pages
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Art critic Jean-Luc 'Jack' Courbet and aspiring actor and model Claude Halloran have a wicked secret, one that has cost many their lives: they are vampires. Jack was transformed a century ago by his stepfather and he himself turned his lover Claude into a creature of the night. From New York to Paris to Las Vegas they roam the nightclubs and streets, prowling for the men who will satisfy their desires and their hunger, and creating legions of followers who worship them-even beyond the grave.

But one of their creations is not so helpless. In ex-cop Mike O'Donald, Jack has mistakenly created a new type of vampire, one with a thirst for revenge-and a powerful ally who can teach him the secrets of Tantric sex magic. As flesh and fantasy become inseparable, Jack and Claude's fiendishly depraved empire terrorizes Sin City, and only Mike, with his new powers, stands a chance of saving the helpless from a fate far worse than death...

Qvamp says:

While this book is much better written than Bound in Flesh, the first book in the series, it is still largely a fantasy novel involving vampires than a gay vampire story.

In short, there was a lot of appreciation of the male form and gay sex. But much of the plot made no sense, and the ending was not the most satisfying.

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