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Blood Prophet

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  • Blood Prophet
  • Author: John Michael Curlovich
  • Publisher: Alyson Books
  • Year: 2006
  • Country: US
  • 242 pages

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Jamie Dunn is as ageless as time - a 21-year-old immortal, lured into the dark world of vampires and ancient kings by his lover, Danilo. But Danilo has disappeared, leaving Jamie lonely and alone. Immersing himself in his studies and his music, he knows only the seemingly endless parade of men who fuel his passion is only fleeting, that he must seek out his one true love. And he knows just where to go: back to Egypt, to the pyramids that keep hold of the secrets of the past. What awaits him though threatens his own immortality; a deadly plot by rival immortals to gain power over a fundamentalist Christian organization. Can Jamie stop their plans and save his lover, or will he have to choose between love and power?

Qvamp says:

As with the previous book in the series, Blood of Kings, this book focuses around gay vampires. It is extremely historical, showcasing many gay and bisexual men of the past who have changed society, though modern society has often hidden their orientation from the public.

This book focuses more on the fundamental differences between gays who seek to hide who they are, and those who embrace it, concluding that those that choose to hide their orientation can be the most homophobic and dangerous.

In addition to the wide cast of gay male characters, it also includes a lesbian psychic.

The book is enjoyable, though it does show quite a bit of anger towards homophobic society, and is good at showing many parts of queer history that are often conveniently swept under the rug by historians.

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