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Bloody Mallory

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  • Bloody Mallory
  • Author: Stéphane Kazandjian
  • Director: Julien Magnat
  • Producer: Olivier Delbosc, Eric Jehelmann and Marc Missonnier
  • Year: 2002
  • Country: France
  • 94 minutes
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Bloody Mallory, a female agent of a secret French ministry, is charged with monitoring and keeping control over evil supernatural beings. Along with her unusual assortment of companions, she is summoned to help save a conservative and homophobic Pope from flesh-eating ghoul kidnappers. Her team consists of Vena Cava, a foul-mouthed transvestite and Talking Tina, a mute telepath, in an action-packed romp through the underworld.

Qvamp says:

France has not had a lot of additions to the queer horror genre, so it is great to see this entry. Although I admit that I am a fan of many cheesy flicks, I did enjoy this (as will many fans of Buffy. Though the characters are a bit over-the-top, they are still enjoyable for what they are.

Mallory, a virgin bride that accidentally married a demon has taken it upon herself to save the world from darkness. Along with her is an unusual cast of characters featuring a misunderstood telepathic child and a kick-ass ninja drag-queen.

Taken for what it is, this is an extremely-B flick. But when considering queer values, it has a bit more to say. Vena Cava, is a strong, self-sacrificing member of this team. She is contrasted against the Pope of this realm, who, in the opening scene is seen as openly homophobic. This is showcased even in the opening scene...

Pope: 'I see an increasing superstition, affecting the minds of the weakest.

'In this country, where the law makes it possible
for 2 sodomites to live together like a married couple.'

(woman gasps abhorrently)
Woman: 'Burn them at the stake.'

This is the country that Vena, Mallory and the rest strive to raise from darkness, giving it overtones of V for Vendetta and other queer dystopias.

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