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Blood Lust

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  • Blood Lust
  • Author: Ron Dee
  • Publisher: Dell publishing
  • Year: 1990
  • Country: US
  • 264 pages
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How can you say no to the lover of your dreams... a lover who knows your most secret fantasies... and can fulfill them. Even if you know his thrilling kiss may be your last...

A sleepy St. Louis suburb has suddenly sprung to life with hungry passion. Reverend Warren MacDonald has just lost his wife to the stranger who brought her an hour of unsurpassed ecstasy...and eternal damnation. Lovely young Emily Knox has just lost her whole family in a fevered, incestuous bloodbath.

And now, as the howling horror reaches a chilling crescendo, Warren and Emily stand alone against the ravenous living dead, struggling against the most terrifying evil of all, their own darkest appetites.

Qvamp says:

The first vampire hunter that we are introduced to in the story is a married guy who has a 'shameful' desire for other men. The vampire uses the knowledge of a same-sex encounter he has had, and his desire for more encounters, against him throughout the novel.

In spite of this, the book didn't feel homophobic. Rather, it felt as though the vampire was using whatever shame and 'secret desires' the humans had against them. There was little judgment in the book, other than the man being ashamed of the desires inside of him.

An interesting, and more traditional, sort of vampire story, featuring a creature of pure evil and the sanctity of religion. For those that enjoy this type of story, and read vociferously, seek it out.

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