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So Dead, My Love

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  • So Dead, My Love
  • AKA:
    Blood Scent
  • Author: Patty G. Henderson
  • Publisher: Black Car Publishing, LLC
  • Year: 2009
  • Country: US
  • 184 pages
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In an arcane book of vampire lore, a savior among vampires was foretold that would die, rise again and bring salvation to all the undead. In this book we meet the Karnov Family, a powerful Clan of vampires still living on Earth, and to Samantha Barnes, an unhappy artist whose obsession with Lara Karnov brings the vampire back to life.

Falling under the spell of the charismatic vampire, Samantha is thrust into a world of blood and murder. Unknown to Samantha, Lara Karnov is part of an ancient prophecy, feared and adored by the Karnov Clan. Samantha must confront her darkest fears and innermost desires as she races to save those she loves and tries to prevent the unleashing of the dark prophecy.

Qvamp says:

The characters in this story are almost exclusively lesbian, and are non-stereotypical and intriguing. The plot, while sometimes hard to follow, focuses on a lesbian love-triangle with a supernatural bent to it.

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