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Curse of the Vampyr

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  • Curse of the Vampyr
  • AKA:
    La Llamada del Vampiro (translated: the Call of the Vampire)
    Aqueelarre de Vampiros
  • Author: José María Elorrieta
  • Director: José Elorieta (as Joseph De Lacy), Enrique González Macho and Fermin Sandoval
  • Year: 1972
  • Country: Spain
  • 102 minutes

Atmospheric vampire story, telling the tale of a female doctor and her assistant Erika. They are invited by Carl von Rysselbert, (son of a dying baron) to stay at his mansion. Under the light of the full moon, Carl attacks Erika, killing her and drinking her blood. Soon he hungers for the blood of the doctor who, with stake in hand, must defeat the vampire to stay alive.

Qvamp says:

From what I've read, this is a sleazy sexploitation film with a lesbian vampire.

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