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  • Gayracula
  • Author: Laurei I. Lee and Dorothee Pshaw
  • Director: Roger Earl
  • Producer: Terry Le Grand
  • Year: 1983
  • Country: US
  • 83 minutes
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Count Drac is back - and this time he's sucking more than just necks! Count Gaylord stalks the streets of L.A. for the hunkiest victims to ever succumb to lust, as well as his enemy, the Marquis de Suede.

Qvamp says:

While being one of the very first gay vampire porns, this, sadly, is a fairly bad one. One gets used to weak plots in sex videos, but in this one the plot, as it was, jumps randomly around, not really making any sense.

A poor farm lad is seduced by the Marquis De Suede, who turns him into a vampire. Hundreds of years later, Count Drac is in modern times, still attempting to extract his vengeance upon the man who made him what he was. With help from his faithful manservant, he is able to find all the men he needs.

Suddenly a waiter appears and the Count falls in love, which makes him human.

Rating D-
Queer Vampire Rating C+
Amount of Gay Content porn


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User Ratings

By: belcantogirl ( disappearclub5@aol.com )
Overall Rating: C     Queer vampire Rating: C    

I saw this one years ago. I think everyone should check it out for the comedic value....very cheesy fun. Why was 80's gay porno so silly?


By: Pierce ( pierce_MN@hotmail.com )
Overall Rating: C     Queer vampire Rating: B-    

For a pre-condom movie, it's a lot of fun, if not especially erotic. It has a reasonable plot and that's what makes this better than most of the porno crap out today. The video (I got it for $5 at a store sale) is badly edited, but it's entertaining.


By: anotherother ( ianmackinnon@adelphia.net )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer vampire Rating: A+    

This movie is a masterpiece. It has not only been my old stand-by for getting some hot action started it inspired my friend Mike and I to write our own horror porn script titled 'Orgy of the Living Dead Part One.'

The special effects are delightful campy, low budget dreams, that could make me cum on their own. (rubber bats, smoke machines...) At one point a man shits giant metal balls out of his ass as part of a live sex show.

The plot is jumpy, and one wonders if some footage was lost or damaged. But in the end gay love saves everything (just like in Lord of the Rings) so I love that. This is one to own!!! Boys always come over and ask me about it when they see it on my shelf and we always put it in and then I always put it in. (know what I mean?)


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