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  • Nadja
  • Author: Michael Almereyda
  • Director: Michael Almereyda
  • Producer: David Lynch
  • Year: 1994
  • Country: US
  • 92 minutes
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Dracula's daughter falls in love with a woman whose husband has been recruited by his Uncle Van Helsing to rid the world of vampires. Very odd, low budget black-and-white film about weary lesbian vampire haunting New York, seeking her brother.

Qvamp says:

Another b&w art film. I can't say I paid enough attention to this to give a good review. I haven't met anyone who completely understood it though.

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Overall Rating: A+     Queer vampire Rating: A+    

I think Nadja is a very positive gay movie. There is an erotic scene where the head vampire, Nadja and a potential victim lay on her apartment floor and kiss. The girl victim is on her period, and Nadja very tenderly fingers her, and they both lick the blood. I thought this was wonderful, considering how taboo menstruation is and how this obvious tie between sexuality and vampirism is often if not always forgotten and/or avoided. Nadja was a bold, sexy and gorgeous film. The dialog is very open and very witty. One of the best vampire films I have ever seen (and I've seen PLENTY!)


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