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What could be funnier than a gay vampire? Well, apparently not much, as it has become the fodder of many different magazines and comics. Here are a few examples of the use of gay vampires as humor.

Scarlet Street cover showing 'Tom Cruis & Brad Pitt: Vampires in Love' Scarlet Street did a spread on the movie 'Interview with the Vampire'. While the vampires in it were not expressly gay (they were much more ambisexual in the novels, in the movie they were all but going to 'Hooters' after seeing a truck pull).
Young vampire saying "Mom? Pop? I'm binecktual" to his parents. Included without permission (I tried to get an answer, honestly) from 'Like an Orange' 9/30/99, proving that queer vampires can even be accepted into a community newspaper's comic section.
Vampire shrinking after being exposed to bare breasts in 'Dragula, Queen of Darkness'Perhaps one of the most offensive examples of queer vampire humor is 'Dragula, Queen of Darkness', a 10-page spread in National Lampoon (1971). In it, the main character converts heterosexuals to be gay vampires by biting them, and helping them to fit every stereotype known to man. If you think all gays are swishy sissy-boys hell-bent upon corrupting society while hairdressing, this may be for you.

Queer vampires have also been the subject of numerous TV spots, including 2 Kids in the Hall skits featuring 'Leslie the Vampire Fag' (also very stereotypical, but at least done more tongue-in-cheek than hatefully) episodes 117 and 210. The comedy troop also has a skit involving Buddy (the very gay character portrayed by gay commedian Scott Thompson) in a graveyard mourning the loss of a friend and dressed as a vampire in episode 418.

Saturday Night Live also did a skit called 'Dracula's Not Gay' where we learn that Dracula may be straight, but Renfield most certainly is not.

And of course, where would humor be without stupid queer vampire jokes...

What do you call a gay vampire?
The tooth fairy
What do you call a vampire in drag?
A transvestbite
What did the lesbian vampire say to the other?
See you in a month
What's the worst thing about being a gay vampire?
Not being able to check your hair in the mirror


And frighteningly a gay vampire limerick

There was a gay vampire with pluck
Who was a bit down on his luck
He spied a cute lad
Willing to be had
But wondered which end he should suck!



The majority of queer vampire/horror zines are included in this article. A few other are included in the following...

Vampire's Minion

Formerly known as Carpathian Quarterly and published since 1996, this publication contains stories about vampires of a particular kind called Carpathians. They are hermaphroditic. The vampire erotica stories in the magazines the society publishes include gay, lesbian, and a few straight themes.

$4 to VAmpire's Minion, 1424 S 4th Street Tucumcari, NM 88401

Dark Moon Sisters Issue 1

Prose, poetry, and drawings on the subject of female vampires and other denizens of the night. Stories include "Conversations in the Night," "Just Dessert", "The Glaistig," and "Colors."

$5 to Dark Moon Sisters Box 681 San Leandro CA 94577-0068 56 pages, digest

Now I Don the Masque of Melancholy Issue 4

Another issue of this zine with the ever-changing title from Josh of the queercore bands Mukilteo Fairies and Behead the Prophet. This is the Goth issue, and quite hilarious it is, as Josh reveals his gothic past. Reference to vampires in Spokane.

$1+2 stamps to Joshua Ploeg Box 1473 Olympia WA 98507-1473 52 pages, digest



Until I update my site to include multimedia, here is the list of multimedia movies or songs.

 Vampire Lovers (mov) - A movie clip (1.7M) from PlanetOut.


Abercrombie and Fitch had an advertising campaign that involved showing attractive men in unusual circumstances. One of the ads involved a vampire.

Not truly gay, but appealing nonetheless for male-loving-male vampire fans.


Fangs: The Vampire Musical Shows

Fangs - The Vampire Musical. This musical was created by Clint Jeffries and shown in New Jersey in 1998. It has a number of gay characters, including a gay vampire.

Dracula: The First Hundred Years - 10/31/98, "Author Bob Madison plays ghoulish host to a evening of the century's best clips from queer vampire cinema."

 'Bones and Ash: A Gilda Story'. A modern dance production done by the "Urban Bush Women" during 1995-96, a dance troupe based in New York. In essence, this 2 chapters from "The Gilda Stories" by Jewelle Gomez was made into an interpretive dance. It contained original music by Toshi Reagon (a lesbian recording artist). Apparently it was very well done.  



Believe it or not, there is one. Check out Lesbian Vampire Garlic Pasta with Fresh Herbs by Pam Keesey.



"I am a man who just happens to be a homosexual vampire. I don't define myself as either."
(From "A Gay Old Time")

"The Prince of Darkness is a gay gentleman."
- Shakespeare, King Lear, Act 3, Scene 4
(Misattributed quote in "Gay Vampire")



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