by Donna Stewart

Gerry Turner was a loner. He had never married. Never even dated anyone for more than two weeks. His last living relative, his Aunt, had died almost 6 years ago, leaving him her entire estate. As this amounted to over 6 million dollars, he no longer needed to work again.

One Friday night, he decided to phone a special escort service he knew of. As soon as his identity became clear to the receptionist, they arranged for Sharon, a girl he'd never been with before, to come round. She'd be round at his at half eight and stay until half eight the next morning. Perfect. A night of ultimate pleasure with no commitment.

At 8.23, the doorbell rang. Sharon introduced herself. Judging by the bulge in Gerry's trousers, she decided thought this'd be a lucrative night. Quick to the point, Gerry said that he wanted to start the evening off with a blow-job. Smiling, she got down on her knees, and within minutes, had him at orgasm.

Suddenly, Gerry's muscles started to spasm. Then, he started shrinking. Two mounds started to appear from his chest. The last thing he heard before collapsing was "Oh shit, not again." and then the phone receiver being picked up.

When Gerry awoke, he felt strange. Sore, hungry and thirsty yes, but strange in another way too. There was hair on his face. But he was going bald. As he opened his eyes, he saw Sharon looking down at him. "What ..." he began, but stopped when he heard his voice. It was so high.

"I'm afraid that you've been infected with a sort of disease Gerry," she said. "You might find this hard to believe, but your body should help. I'm a vampire. Not in the classic sense. I can go out in sunlight, don't suck blood, don't sleep in coffins. But I am immortal. And what I suck is cocks. Big, huge cocks. About half an hour ago, you became one too. All vampires of out kind are, as you are now also, female. We need cum, not blood, in order to survive. Its not known why only the occasional man is transformed, but it does happen, and it did to you tonight."

Gerry almost shouted at her to not be so fucking stupid, but was too afraid. Why was his voice so high? Before he collapsed, what were those lumps, and why had he been getting shorter? He moved a hand to his balls, but missed. He felt again. Nothing there. Well, something was there. A vagina, but he wouldn't, couldn't think of that. He moved his hand to his chest. Breasts. Fuck, was she telling the truth?

Sharon continued, "You now look nothing like your former self. Soon, you won't even remember your old life or ways. No blood transfusion can help you now. If you have surgery in an attempt to alter your body in any way, your body will revert to your current state within minutes. Not even a haircut is possible. Accept it. Nine hundred and thirty seven years ago, I was a mortal man. Now, much more. What do you think happened to Elvis? She's alive and well. Now, I've got to go. Read this letter. It'll help prepare you. Contact me at the agency when you're ready. We'll get you a job there. There is never a shortage of what we need." With that, she left.

Once she had gone, Gerry picked himself up and walked to the bathroom. Staring back from the mirror was a gorgeous woman. This is bollocks, he thought. A bad dream. What the heck, may as well play along with it.

Going back to the living room, he picked up the note. According to this, everyone needed a different amount of cum to survive. The starting level was three teaspoonfuls per week. If the body got more, then that would automatically become the new amount required. It warned that if uncarefull, vampires could become dependant on as much as half a pint per day. On finishing the letter, he went to bed and slept.

At 5.30 am, he woke up. Still female, but with an aching in his stomach. Not like hunger. More like the cum craving described in the letter. Resigned to the fact that the situation was indeed real, he picked up the phone and contacted the agency. The receptionist had been left strict instructions to tell Gerry Sharon's address upon inquiry. Dressed in his now ridiculously large male clothes, Gerry drove round to Sharon's.

"Come in," said Sharon, "the craving must have started." and handed him a small glass. "I always keep some cum spare for emergencies. Have this". In his current state of agony, Gerry was prepared to do anything to relieve the pain and so swallowed his pride and disgust along with the glass of cum." The pain died instantly.

"What you need is some new clothes. And a new name. But that'll come tomorrow. You need more cum than the drop I just gave you. I've got three guys booked soon. The first and second can be yours. Take off your clothes. I'll get you something appropriate". Gerry had intended to resist this, but the craving was back now and worse than ever. As took off his male clothes, Sharon threw them in the coal fire and handed him some new ones. Pink bra and panties, a black lycra dress, black tights and a pair of 6-inch heels. He quickly put on the clothes as he didn't want to be late for the first of the men with the cock he needed so much. Sharon then gave her new colleague a quick make-over.

Just as they finished, the doorbell rang. Gerry made his way down the stairs, shakily in the 6-inch heels he was now wearing. The guy at the door introduced himself as Andy. No sooner was he inside, than he pulled out his 9-inch cock. Gerry almost hesitated, but feeling the craving increasing, quickly took it in his mouth. When Andy came, Gerry gladly swallowed the present, knowing that this was the start of a long journey and finding himself in anticipation of the next guy, the cock that would come with him, and the rest that would follow throughout the centuries.

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