Queer Vampires Angel : Bi Boss
by The Fan

Synopsis : Angel is the vampire with a soul. He is also in charge of Wolfram & Hart, the most powerful (and evil) law firm on the planet. With a lot of power and money at his disposal, and many gorgeous men and women around him, what's a bisexual vampire to do? Seduce them of course! Angel seduces men and women without discrimination. That's what being a vampire is all about.

Angel sat in his office in downtown Los Angeles. He was the head of Wolfram & Hart, the world's most powerful law firm, and he ran it with his friends. Charles Gunn, a black thug turned vampire hunter turned corporate lawyer. Fred, a somewhat mousy yet beautiful ex-Nuclear physicist turned demon fighter. Wesley Windham Pryce, a fallen Watcher who was now a rogue demon hunter. They had been overworked lately, dealing with demons, vampires, ghouls, witches and monsters. They also had to deal with some pretty nasty human beings. Angel led them on many missions. He couldn't help but feel tired of it all.

Angel was bored and decided to take some time off. He was the boss, after all. He made his way to a club in West Hollywood. Club Transylvania it was appropriately called. It was a gathering place for the decadent social elite. Anything could be found in there. This was a place full of hustlers, actors, bisexuals, transexuals, homosexuals, dancers, artists, freaks and geeks.

Two hot ladies caught his eye, a tall blonde woman and her black female friend. He sensed something special about them and had no problem convincing them to go to off to a secluded room with him. The one named Laurita had captured his attention the most. He took a good look at her now. She was tall, easily 5'11, with long, blond hair and blue eyes. Her body was lean but muscular and sexy, with large, ample breasts, a slim waist and a perfectly rounded, tight ass. She was simply beautiful, clad only in a red bra and matching panties. He watched as she slowly removed her bra, and gasped when she took off her panties. She had something that didn't belong - a cock. She had a cock. A large cock and balls. Laurita was a she-male.

"Yeah, it's real," she said. "I'm a chick with dick."

He looked at Laurita's friend Nikki, who had undressed, revealing her slightly plump black-skinned body, and yes, a cock as well. They were both she-males. This was new to him and he asked them how this could be. They told him how once upon a time they were just a couple of gay guys then one day they decided to get some work done and had been "transformed" into elegant and beautiful she-males. It seemed the best of both worlds.

"So, you wanna party or what?" demanded Laurita.

He hesitated. They looked just like two beautiful women, but with dicks. For some strange reason, that didn't disturb him one bit. After all, he had been around the block quite a few times.

"Let's go," he said.

Smiling, Laurita came to him and kissed him. She undressed him quickly, caressing his hard body. Laurita knelt before him and took his cock in her hand, stroking it gently before putting it in her mouth. He closed his eyes, not believing how warm her mouth was. He fucked her mouth, while he watched Nikki. The beautiful, plump she-male was stroking her cock, watching her friend suck him off. He looked at Laurita's beautiful face. He fucked her face until he came all over her. He then placed her on the bed and lay her on her back, with her legs spread. Laurita stroked her huge cock while he parted her cheeks. He guided his cock into her ass. Laurita gasped when his cock entered her. He began to fuck her like this, nice and hard. Laurita's ass felt so warm and tight around him.

"Ah, so hard," said Laurita.

He fucked her, hard, shoving his cock deep into her bowels. He continued to fuck Laurita's ass while she stroked her own cock furiously. All too soon, he came in her ass.

He pulled out and Nikki came over. She sucked Laurita's cock and caressed her she-male friend's ass, which he had just fucked. Nikki looked at Laurita and then at him. She positioned herself between Laurita and him, spreading her asscheeks before him, allowing him to enter her while she sucked off Laurita. He slowly entered the black she-male's ass. Nikki's ass was even tighter than Laurita's. She kept sucking Laurita and stroked herself furiously while he fucked her. He gripped her hips and she pushed back, giving him greater access. He fucked her hard, loving the way she wriggled her sexy little ass against him. He finally came in her, and fell on the bed with the two she-males, exhausted.

Nikki had a mischievous look in her eyes. She suddenly jumped on top of him and pinned him down with surprising strength. Laurita proceeded to take ahold of his legs and spread them. She parted his asscheeks toughly. He knew what she had in mind.

"No, don't." he said flatly.

Laurita looked at him and grinned. "I just love it when they beg."

She rubbed the head of her huge cock against the entrance of his ass and pushed - hard. He clenched his ass, trying to deny her access, while he struggled against her. She pushed and he screamed when her huge cock entered his tight chute. She shoved it in. He kept struggling but Nikki's strength seemed incredible. Laurita began to fuck his ass, going in nice and deep even as he struggled. He screamed out loud when Laurita's huge cock buried itself deep into his bowels. Laurita laughed out loud as she brutally fucked him. Nikki came in between them and forced her own cock down his throat before sucking his cock. Shocked, he tensed up, not stopping her from doing this. But, he relaxed a little when he felt Nikki's warm mouth around his own cock and began to find that his body was responding to what she was doing to him. Also, the pain he was feeling in his ass from Laurita's huge cock being in there began to subside and was being replaced with a curious feeling. He felt full.

"I think he's beginning to enjoy it," quipped Laurita.

Nikki just nodded and kept sucking him off. Soon, he felt a rush in his loins and knew he was about to cum once more. He did, cumming deep inside Nikki's throat. At the same time, Nikki came inside his mouth and Laurita yelled as she unleashed a load of hot cum inside his ass.

They lay in bed, snuggling together. He felt odd. He had just been sucked and fucked by two beautiful she-males. And he was happy with it.


Angel tried to continue to work as before, but after a few days the urge overcame him once again. He decided to go into town, this time ending up at a bar called 'The Red Flame'. He went inside and saw that it was a gay bar, generally not his style but he decided check out the scene anyway. Soon he saw two people who interested him, a tall black man and a petite Asian woman with spiky red hair. He came over and introduced himself. The black man was John Sully, a sports agent. He was an openly bisexual man come to the bar to pick up a "pretty boy" to share with his wife, Mindy Chen. They talked and talked for a long time. Then, they invited him to come upstairs for a drink. He didn't hesitate to accept.

After following them home and begin invited in, he was ushered into their living room. Mindy went to get them all drinks, but John proceeded without her. John kissed him and he kissed John back. The two men quickly undressed each other. Angel ran his hands all over John's hard and sexy body, stopping only to caress John's cock. Kneeling, he took John's massive cock in his mouth. John caressed his head as Angel sucked him off. He licked John's cock and caressed the head with the tip of his tongue before licking John's balls before turning him around to begin licking his ass. They were then joined by Mindy.

"John always starts without me," she said grinning, setting down the tray of drinks and pulling off her dress, revealing her naked body.

She came and took Angel's cock in her mouth while he sucked off her husband. Angel leaned back, allowing himself to be pleasured. Mindy was an expert cocksucker. Angel moved over to lay on the table, letting Mindy's gentle hands spread his asscheeks as John slipped on a condom. John placed the head of his cock at the entrance of Angel's ass. Angel nodded and in went John, starting right away to fuck Angel's ass hard and fast. Mindy was not inactive during all of this as she continued to suck Angel's cock. Angel was in heaven with John's engorged, throbbing cock in his ass while Mindy's warm mouth sucked his cock. He soon came and she milked him dry. Mindy surprised him by getting on his still-hard cock. She got on top of him and lowered herself onto his tool. Her pussy enveloped it. Angel closed his eyes, loving the feel of her warm tight pussy. He began to thrust upward, fucking her hard.

Mindy began to bounce up and down on his cock while her husband fucked the vampire's ass. Angel reached up with his hands and caressed her breasts. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips. He kissed her beautiful face and then bent to lick her tits, caressing the areolas. He suckled them while his hands massaged her neck, her back and finally rested on her hips, supporting her as she bounced up and down on his hard cock. Angel continued to fuck her like this, grunting from time to time as John's hard cock fucked his ass. Not since the two she-males had he been fucked like this.

He felt John shudder inside him, and felt a throbbing of his enormous cock. John screamed as he unleashed his cum deep inside Angel's ass. Mindy kept bouncing up and down on Angel's cock, supporting herself by resting her hands on his chest. He suddenly thrust upward and she shrieked, going deeper than ever before. She instinctively tightened her pussy, causing Angel's cock to be engulfed in her flesh. He roared in pain and joy as an orgasm rocked his body, both from John's cock in his ass and Mindy's pussy around his cock.

Spent, John pulled out of Angel's ass with a soft pop. Mindy first kissed John and then Angel. They looked at each other and laughed a little as all three of them headed to the showers. Angel showered with them, and they made love again, with Angel taking John's ass while Mindy fucked him with a dildo. John then watched as Mindy got on all fours and spread her asscheeks wide, welcoming Angel's cock. Angel took Mindy by the hips and yanked her back, shoving his cock deep inside her. Mindy gasped when Angel's cock was inside her, then she began to play with her pussy. She wriggled her sexy little ass as he fucked her, hard. Angel loved the feel of a woman's ass around his cock. He fucked her like this.

Though he was fucking Mindy, Angel did not ignore her husband, and took John's cock in his mouth. He sucked John off while fucking his wife's ass. He shot his cum deep inside Mindy's ass and licked John's cum, cleaning out his cock with his tongue and not missing a single drop.

After the shower, they dressed and parted amicably.

The next night Angel returned to Club Transylvania. He looked for Laurita and Nikki but they weren't there. He sat at the bar, sulking a little. He was really looking forward to seeing them again tonight. He remembered the feel of Laurita's voluminous breasts, nice ass and hard cock. The mere thought of it was enough to give him a hard-on. He looked around. There wasn't a single interesting man or woman in the room. Life sucked. He was about to give up when someone next to him spoke.

"Bad night, handsome ? " she said.

Angel looked at the woman. She was small. Only 5'2", with short black hair and very pale white skin. She wore a black leather jacket, and black jeans.

"You have no idea," he intoned.

"What is your name?" she asked.


They started to talk. He learned her name was Sarah. She was nineteen and went to UCLA. She was single and had a recent breakup with her boyfriend. She seemed mildly interesting so he bought her a drink. They began talking more easily and he found out a lot about her. It was her first time at Club Transylvania. She was all alone in the big city. Her last boyfriend had been completing his second year of high school. Angel found that convincing her to let him come to her place had been a piece of cake.

She invited him in and they went to straight to her bedroom and sat down. They listened to some soft music while he got her in the mood. They drank some wine and he gave her a soft kiss. She surprised hiim by kissing him full and deep and putting her arms around him, like they had been longtime lovers instead of strangers. They undressed each other slowly and he caressed her slender body and took his sweet time to pleasure her. He licked her pussy, parting her gentle folds to toy with her clit while rubbing her breasts and caressing her neck. She shivered under his expert touch and ground his head into her pussy. Quickly he got her aroused and continued to eat her pussy until she came. Sarah screamed in pleasure and then returned the favor by sucking Angel's cock. It took only a few seconds to get him hard. Soon after that, he pulled her legs and positioned himself between them.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

She nodded eagerly.

When he felt his cock slide deep into her warm pussy, Angel couldn't help but let out a loud moan of pure desire. She continued her gyrations, and he laid back, just letting her do all the work, telling himself once more that he was the luckiest man... well... vampire with a soul, on earth. Suddenly, her gyrations increased in speed and her breathing became very rapid. He saw her start to shake and spasm as an orgasm shook her core. He could feel it traverse straight from her pussy to his throbbing cock. Her muscles then made these amazing contractions around his member, and soon his lap was washed in her exotic juices.

Throughout her entire orgasm she continued to ride him, pulling herself up and slamming back down. Her speed increased, pushing herself toward another orgasm. The brisker her gyrations became, the more Angel felt that he would cum very soon as well. He wanted this to last a bit longer, but wasn't going to be able to hold on if she didn't slow down.

"Slow down Sarah, you are going to make me cum." he pleaded.

"I'm going to make you cum... well that's the point, isn't it!" she said in a breathy voice.

They came together and their lips rejoined once more. Slowly Sarah lifted herself off of her lover, tightening her pussy muscles as he slid out of her. She collapsed beside Angel on the bed and they each took time to catch their breath. He lay beside her, and they looked at each other.

"Come visit me at my dorm sometime," she said as she began to slowly slide off to sleep.

Angel nodded but said nothing.

When dawn came, he was gone. Sarah was not really surprised, just a bit disappointed. But what did she expect? It was a one-night stand. She dressed herself up and looked around. He was really gone. There were flowers on the bed, with a card. She picked it and read. "Thanks for a wonderful night, Sarah. Be careful out there. Have a nice life." It was signed only 'Angel'.

"Well, at least I got some roses," she told herself as she headed to the shower.

Angel returned to his office at Wolfram & Hart.

"Where have you been?" asked Fred, looking worried.

"Oh, around, said Angel. "I Just needed to get something out of my system."

At Wolfram & Hart, Angel had been missed, but the one that seemed to miss him the most was none other than Harmony. The blonde vampire bimbo had turned her crush from Spike to Angel.

"Where were you?" asked Harmony as Angel went into his office. "I was so worried."

Angel looked at her. "I was gone, it's ok, I do that sometimes." he said.

The beautiful blonde female vampire looked at her boss. "I was worried and that's all you have to say?" she pouted.

He smirked at her and was about to walk away when she suddenly jumped on him. Ah, the unpredictability of women. Angel fell on the floor of his office. Harmony quickly slammed the door shut with her foot.

"You're mine," she said.

Angel did NOT want to do Harmony. True she looked hot, but she had birds for brains.

As soon as the door was shut Harmony grabbed Angel and kissed him deeply, with the same intensity that Angel had felt from his tricks over the last few nights. She looked at Angel, trying to read his thoughts. Angel was reluctant to do her, but this week he was on a roll. He wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Harmony is this okay, are you sure you want to do this?" asked Angel.

"For sure, boss." said Harmony as she lept on top of Angel.

She practically ripped his shirt off in her desire and he returned the favor. He examined her and had to admit that she looked hot in her bra and panties. "Like what you see, boss?" she asked.


They caressed each other's naked bodies and Harmony turned around so that they did a 69. Harmony took Angel's cock in her mouth while he played with her pussy. Angel explored Harmony with his fingers, licking her clit at the same time, as hard as she could with both. Harmony's legs started to close around Angel's head, but she quickly opened them up again. Harmony's body kept spasming, so Angel kept on licking. Finally Harmony pushed Angel's head away from her pussy.

"Okay, I can't take anymore," said Harmony. She got on top of Angel and lowered herself onto his rock-hard erection. He held her by the waist and watched her, a vision of loveliness bouncing up and down on his stiff cock. Finally, he held her into place as he fucked her hard. enjoying how nice and tight she was. He felt that he could go at it forever, but finally surrendered to the urge to cum and shot his load deep inside her. Harmony lay, panting on top of Angel.

"That was awesome, boss." she said.

Angel smirked. "You don't have to tell me, I was there." he said.

Harmony smiled and caressed his head. "I missed you, boss."

He hesitated. Sex with her was fun, and he had a lot more guys, girls and she-males he needed to fuck. She seriously couldn't think they were an item now...or could she?

She got dressed and planted a kiss on his lips. "You don't have to go elsewhere to get satisfied, boss. I'll take care of your every need."

Angel grinned. Maybe sexing up Harmony wouldn't be a bad idea after all. He made her promise to keep it a secret, though.

Angel slept the rest of the day. When he woke up, it was Fred. She came in and gave him his daily ration of blood. He took it. "Can I give you anything else?" she asked.

"Nope." He took the blood. And drank it. Three seconds later, Angel the Vampire With A Soul was unconscious.

He woke up slowly and painfully. He was lying on a bed, somewhere. That looked like Fred's apartment. "Fred?" he called out.

She was there. But it was not the Fred he was used. The woman who stood before him wore a black leather outfit that glowed. "You will address me as mistress." she said.

Angel grunted. Was this some sick joke? She looked at him. He realized he was tied up, bound by his hands and knees.

"I promise you a night you will never forget." she said.

Angel felt torn. The logical part of his brain said that this Fred was dangerous and he should formulate a plan of escape. The animal part of him found her hot, the place kinky and just wanted "to get some."

She smiled in an erotic teasing sort of way and said. "I think I will leave you free to flail about. That way when you are eventually immobilized it will be so much sweeter."

He didn't have any idea what she was talking about, but didn't see anything wrong with what she was doing now. Fred strapped on a massive dildo around her waist. Naturally, Angel became nervous. "What are you going to do with that?"

"You'll see, love." She hummed as she set it below his well-oiled ass.

"Fred, just how big is that dildo?" he flinched as it brushed his exposed hole.

She came closer and parted his asscheeks.

He screamed in panic "No, Fred. please don't."

She smiled. "Oh, come on. I know you're used to that sort of thing." she said nastily.

"Not like this," he croaked.

Instead of plunging it in him dry, like he had expected, she put some oil on the dildo and gently entered his ass with it. But still, Angel's scream of agony could be heard across the city. Fred began to gently fuck his ass with the large dildo, going in and out slowly and steadily. She took Angel's cock in her hand and massaged it while Angel kept screaming. Fred's dildo was huge; it filled his ass completely. She began to pull in and out, going in back and forth. Angel felt like he was being torn apart. He struggled in his bonds but even his vampiric strength could not break these chains.

Fred smiled at him kindly. "Just relax and enjoy." she said. "You'll claim your prize soon enough." She kept fucking him for what seemed like an eternity, then she got off him and undid his bonds.

Angel's first reaction was to attack her. He morphed into his vamp face. "You're gonna pay for that, you bitch!!!" he said. He grabbed Fred by the throat. He was ready to drink her dry.

"I just wanted you," she cried. "I can't help the way you make me feel."

He hesitated. His bloodlust was barely at bay. "What?"

She threw herself onto the bed. "Take me," she said.

He fastened the bonds around her hands and feet. He smiled maliciously. "I'm gonna enjoy this. Turnabout is fair play"

He pulled her toward him and licked her pussy. He then shoved his hard cock inside. "Nice and warm." he said feeling his hate for her rise.

Fred began to undulate, wriggling underneath him as Angel fucked her hard. He went in and out, utterly merciless after the torment she caused him. She entwined her legs behind him, forcing him deeper into her. He came close to her face, ready to spit in it.

"I want you to make love to me," she begged.

Angel hesitated. Fred begged him to kiss her and he did as his anger began to subside. He kissed her face and began to fuck her more gently, slow and steady, making it last.

"Like that?" he asked.

She smiled at him. He went in and out of her pussy as she rocked beneath him. Suddenly she stopped.

"Undo the bonds." she whispered urgenly.

He did, wondering if she had changed her mind then. But she hadn't. Fred got on all fours and spread her asscheeks, exposing her pink little asshole. Angel hesitated and then, guided his massive hard-on inside her. Fred's ass was the tightest he had ever felt. He fucked her ass gently. She rocked back, driving him deeper in her. They fucked like this for a long time, and he listened Fred's moans of pain and pleasure.

"Are you hurt?" he asked.

"Harder," she begged.

He fucked her harder and faster, loving the feel of her virgin ass around his engulfed cock. Finally, the viselike pressure around his cock brought him off and he came, shooting his hot cum deep in her ass.

Fred got on her knees and licked Angel's cock, cleaning it off. She tasted her pussy juices on it as well as those from her ass. He pulled her up, took her in his arms and kissed her. She smiled. "Told you it was gonna be a night you'd never forget." She took his hand and led him to the shower where they had an encore.

Later, Angel lay in Fred's bed, with the beautiful young woman cradled safely in his arms. He thought about all the things that had taken place this week. From a pair of she-males to a married couple to a college girl to a secretary to one of his friends. He just couldn't get enough. Life was good. He wondered what the next day had in store for him.

The End

** Note: this story is written by a fan and has no association at all with WB, UPN, or the television shows Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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