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Blood To Wine...
(the Good Drinking Guide)

by Mark K. Rule (1998)

 Imagine the sweet pleasure of life itself.

Feel the reddened juices flow through your fingers, crushing grapes in your palms. Feel an open vessel beating under the weight of your body and breathe clean air, crisp to taste life's senses.

In a place where blood's importance is not only confined to one, it is important to remember when consuming blood, do not be hasty. Taste its flavour. Allow its wetness to cover your tongue and do not swallow until you have. Feel its body. Is it light and pleasant or heavy and full bodied; does it taste overwhelming or boarding pleasure. Become high from its potency and let it take you away from your own life. Allow its aromatic nature to fill your nose and become dominant within your senses.

For the inexperienced consumer, a light blood is recommended. Light, easy-going blood is the variety found in the general populace. Light blood is found in the unhealthy and smokers alike. Generally it is the least potent and lacking in oxygen content. It will not overwhelm the senses nor will you reach an untamed high consuming moderate quantity. Beginners are warned to practice within their own nationality. (Unlearned beginners have often made the mistake of tasting Indian, for example, and become put off from trying the luxury of blood again. The spicy bite can be overwhelming and will leave an untrained palate unwilling to induce anymore).

Blood types are not important, though each has their own unique flavour. As the beginner experiments with different varies, they will find their own preferences.

Typically, one should never drink from a minor. Blood is never ready before sexual awareness has been reached. Once hormones saw, blood will be ready for consumption.  Leave minors for the deluded.

When deciding to chose between male and female bloods, think carefully about the characteristics in both. Generally, the male is more subdued while females can be unpredictable.

Blood from a teen woman is very inconsistent and is recommended not to be taken until complete body maturity has been reached. If tasted with development still in process, the resulting fluid may vary. While the first mouthful may be sweet and fresh (light of body), the next may be overly potent and cause duress. The heaviness and potency of blood may vary according to the mood of the female and resistance in the drinker's body is very likely. If you have decided on a teen female subject, it is advised to have her take aspirin first. Wait for half an hour before consuming. This will cause the blood to thin out, and ensures a continuity of flavour and a lesser potency, which may harm and invoke reaction.

Make sure the subject from whom you are to drink remains without fear. Stressed blood will be high in chemicals. Beginners who have not had a large amount of blood can develop an allergy to it while the blood is in this state.  Stressed blood is likely to become overstimulated with chemicals and lose flavour and freshness, becoming sour. This must be avoided. Keep victims calm at all times. Subtleties are the greatest tools in a drinkers' manifest. Knowing the victim will tend to keep victim's chemical levels in check, though having knowledge of your vessel creates other complications and is far from recommended.

For the early sexual being, the quickest way to draw blood is from the neck, throat and wrists. Veins in younger beings tend to vary and it is up to the drinker to choose wisely.

A true delicacy is to take raging blood from a teenage male on the night of his first wet dream. Certain chemicals in their blood seem to live longer within your system, lingering longer across the tongue, and are followed by an intense, but overly short, high. (This type of delicacy can also be achieved in transsexuals who take pre- and post-op drugs).

Teens are easily tempted and lured into positions of submission. Both promises of money or drugs seem to work equally well, while use of alcohol over a short period is a more acceptable method. The more open-minded the teen or person, the better the taste. The mind tends to root flavour into the blood as a rich soil tends to root flavour into grapes. A certain amount of experience will layer blood with an individual flavour. Early studies in the flavour of blood tended towards the result of the mind working as a placebo on the body. Both mind and experience take an equal part. This would explain the delicacy of drinking from an aged whore, or perhaps the youngest of dreamers. When choosing an adolescent, be careful. Drinking in excess may be overwhelming, especially if the victim is at their sexual peak. Series of nausea, vomiting and blackouts have been recorded by past drinkers.

Apart from age and sex, when choosing subjects for tasting, consider race and nationality. Usually males with black or dark skin can be drunk from for the majority of their lives. Blood tends to be much stronger in potency and the body is fuller. The flavour is usually rich and healthy. Asian blood is thinner, yet has much body due to health and strength. Europeans from the warmer climates have lessened body and aging elements in their blood. From colder territories, blood is noted for its subtle flavours and fuller strength, peaking later and lasting well.

Once the beginner has gained experience in tasting, one may decide to favour the flavour of a menstruating woman. Whether this blood is taken from young or old, it is the closest to drinking favourable death from flesh. This blood once held potential for life and has been released for not fulfilling the body's task, performance of expiry . The warmth of the blood cradles and tastes divine, ladled in purity and hints at something more. It is perhaps one of the easiest delicacies to access, though, admittedly, it is not for all tastes.

For the more adventurous and those with unusual appetites, take a knife and draw it down the shaft of an erect penis, placing your lips at the base and tongue on the cut. Use caution as blood will flow quickly. The true test is not to spill from the flesh. The experienced drinker will find this practice as one of the more satisfying and intensely stimulating on the senses and tongue. (Please note that on occasion, the donor will piss himself in shock, leaving a displeasing taste - apart from those inclined towards urine drinking and humiliation.)

As the body reaches full size, the amount of blood increases (making for a full-bred meal). However, in a period that passes sexual peaking and becomes that which is know as man/woman-hood, taste begins to lack lustre. There becomes weakness in the blood's flavour. This decline is known as the sitting stage. It is important not to let these full-sized victims mature to a point where body and flavour decay. Allow time to experience like and begin to clock up maturity points. Also, psychologically, the more humbled the victim gets, the blander the taste becomes. Hormones have begun to idle ever so slowly and taste in the system idles as well. Always remember, the blood from the body now has been effected by who the person has been all their life.The longer a bland blood sits, the more stubborn it will taste with age.  The opinion varies on aged blood. The longer a well developed blood sits, the better it will age. Flavours will intensify greatly. Waiting will be prosperous.  However some believe the taste to be curled in its longevity.

However, aged blood can reach the potency of youth with the intake of certain drugs within the victim's body.  Joke not the ideals of viagra.

Having said this, there is a point where the aged body should not be drunk from and one should be wary. To a point of maturing, letting blood over-mature will create an acidity and sourness in the blood not unlike vinegar. Do not allow this to happen. Blood has often been wasted when drinkers have allowed it to over-age. Generally, any victim passed the age of sixty-five will be troubling as to achieve satisfaction (depending on health of the victim). Most elderly age disgracefully and will never truly amount to a meal of refinement and comfort. If in the position of having to take blood from the old, drink slowly so not to be sick. For it may drain you as it did its owner. And if choosing from the elderly, chose wisely. Look for health and strength. Something as small as a sparkle in the eyes of the aged can be enough for a decision.

It is a popular belief that one should not drink more than one average-sized victim in one sitting. This is a myth. With all dinners, it is important to consider the effects of amounts drunk and one's own capability. Do not over-ingest.  And do be careful with inebriation, for rational decisions become harder, when dining from the intoxicated.

It is considered sharing a single human being between two, on occasion, romantic.  

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