by Felix Lance Falkon

Usual warnings apply: no one under age allowed, for external use
only, shake well before using, slippery when wet, use no hooks,
and so on. Copyright (C) 1999 by Felix Lance Falkon; you may make
single copies for personal use, but posting, archiving, or
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At the light tap on the door frame, Vlar -- naked, like everyone else on the planet -- looked up from his journal. A young man stood at the open door, watching Vlar shyly, one hand raised to knock again on the timbered portal, the other half- shielding a stiffening prong. Vlar put the journal aside to study his visitor: blond and bronzed, broad of shoulder and narrow of hip, his muscular physique a contrast with Vlar's own lithe build.

Vlar felt the muscles inside his pelvis tighten, felt his own shaft begin to harden, but he grinned reassuringly as his gaze drifted on up the blond youth's torso to meet his anxious stare.

"Uh -- I'd like -- I mean --" The youth paused, nibbled at his lower lip; his lusty prong was up and hard now.

"Yes? Can I . . . ?"

"I mean -- like -- w-when can you -- how y' say -- take me?"

"Want to go all the way?" Vlar grinned again. "Let me see now," he said, reaching for his journal. "Come on in -- come in." He patted the cushions of the sleeping platform beside him. "This circuit is a busy one, but I'll try to fit you in." He looked up, met those blue eyes again. "You're . . . Kip?"

"Tip." The youth perched himself on the edge of the platform, as if about to take flight, while Vlar leafed through the pages.

"Oh, relax; I'm not going to bite -- yet," Vlar said, with a quick, hungry look at Tip's taut muscles, his velvety skin, his rigid prong. "Ah -- here we are," he said, finding today's page in the journal. "Since I'll get plenty to eat tomorrow --"

"But --"

Vlar looked up from the journal to meet Tip's worried frown. "Your biology teacher at school -- the one with the big shoulders -- Kerry?"

"Uh -- yeah, that's him. Hung good, too."

"He certainly is that." Vlar grinned, remembering how the muscular instructor's thick shaft had hardened as he and Vlar discussed tomorrow's class. Vlar felt his own prong stiffen, felt the muscles in his hips tighten, then slowly relax. "Tomorrow, during his lecture on vampires, Kerry's going to feed me himself, instead of having one of his students do it."

"Yeah? Hey, that sounds like a real reap, telling the class how it feels when his own prong goes in, and when you start taking him, . . . and then answering questions while feeds you."

Vlar nodded. "He said he's always wanted feed someone while he's giving that lecture. Afterwards, the new teacher, Woof? Warf?"


"W?rf?" Vlar nodded. "W?rf will pass out the exams, grade them, and then the student with the lowest grade feeds Gi”rgio. And the day after that, we visit the Ridge, but that's a dry run this time around: Big Jax says none of his youngsters are ripe yet, but three or four will be next season. One of them will take over; and Big Jax will feed one of us himself, while one of his studs feeds the other."

"Balls of fire, Vlar, but I'm in a hurry! Can't you . . . ?"

"Well, if I take you now, it'll take longer to drain Kerry tomorrow; but he won't mind that. Gi”rgio already has a stud looking for him, so . . ."

"You mean now? I mean -- right now?"

"Well, you said you're in a hurry . . ."

"Sure am," Tip said. He glanced down at his own hard shaft, squeezed it with both hands, then looked at Vlar. "Can you -- can we -- ?"

Vlar nodded, then pointed at the table on the far side of the room. "Just get me that pen before we . . ."

". . . get to work?" Tip bounced to his feet, trotted to the table and back.

Their eyes met, then shifted to the tip of Tip's quivering shaft. A droplet glistened at the tip; Vlar touched his right forefinger to the droplet and raised it slowly to his lips.

"Well?" the youth asked, handing Vlar the pen.

Vlar grinned. "You're real ready, kid."

"Yeah?" Tip grinned back. "You're looking kind of -- how y' say --" He gestured at Vlar's own rigid prong.

"Help yourself."

Tip licked his lips, hesitated, then twisted, bent down, and closed his mouth around Vlar's glans. His suction was strong and eager, his rhythm steady. Vlar put pen and journal aside. With one hand, he stroked Tip's blond head; with the other, Vlar rubbed his own sharply etched chest muscles. A few dozen strokes brought Vlar to the edge; a few more, and Vlar jetted his liquid load into Tip's hungry mouth. Tip swallowed, sucked down the last few spurts, then slowly raised his head.

"Well?" asked Vlar.

Tip licked his lips slowly. "Tastes -- tastes kind of different."

"It's supposed to," said Vlar with a smile.

Tip grinned. "Lots of it, too." He licked his lips again, slowly. "It -- it works pretty fast, doesn't it?" He touched his own iron-hard prong. "But that's -- I think that's still -- how y' say --"

"Still your own hard-on? A lusty young stud like you? Of course." Vlar nodded. "Now, if you're still sure . . . ?"

"I'm real sure. Uh -- do I get on top?"

"After we get going, yes. But to start out, lie on your back and tuck some of those pillows behind your head and shoulders so you can watch yourself go in -- okay?"

Tip stretched himself out on the sleeping platform, shaft quivering, eyes sparkling. Vlar slowly knelt astride the youth's hips, tucked Tip's glans into the tight opening between Vlar's balls and anus, then slowly sank down, impaling himself on Tip's shaft, feeling the hard meat slide into his feeding passage.

"Wow!" Tip sighed. "I -- I almost -- came on the way in."

Vlar arched one eyebrow at the taut-muscled youth as he tightened bands of muscle around Tip's shaft. He loosened them as Tip thrust upwards, clamped tight again. "How's that?"

"Wow! Are you -- ?"

"Not yet, but . . ." Inside Vlar's feeding passage, a smooth, powerful surge of muscle slid dozens of needle-sharp fangs into Tip's prong. Vlar relaxed all but the locking band around his prey's shaft, sent a ripple of contraction from hilt to glans, and tasted warm blood. Another base-to-tip squeeze sucked more blood from Tip's punctured shaft. "Now I am. How does that feel?"

"Great!" panted Tip. "It's -- you're really turning me on, sucking -- sucking even harder than Sandy ever did when he -- when we -- hey! I'm almost -- there!"

The vampire looked down at his eager victim. Muscles tensed under Tip's tight, bronzed skin. Vlar picked up pen and journal, opened the journal, and flipped pages. He slowed the rippling contractions inside his narrow hips while he filled in place, date, time, then collected the usual data from Tip.

Under Vlar, the muscular blond relaxed with a contented sigh; Vlar felt Tip's shaft, still rock-hard, stop throbbing. Tip's left hand slid over the taut muscles of his chest and taut belly; the right squeezed the hilt of his own shaft, now buried in Vlar's body, then probed Vlar's balls.

"There." Vlar snapped the journal shut and put it aside. "How are you doing now?"

"Okay. Cooled down some, so we can -- how y' say -- make it last." Tip thrust his hips up in a powerful stroke; Vlar relaxed his pelvic muscles, impaled himself a centimeter deeper, then clamped himself around Tip's prong again. Tip sighed, somehow looking at once eager and shy; his muscles began to tighten again as Vlar worked on Tip's shaft, rubbing Tip's glans, sucking gouts of thick, hot blood from the naked blond.

Vlar interrupted his stroke, drove his fangs into Tip's hard cock again. Between Vlar's lean thighs, Tip squirmed, panting hard.

"Getting close?"

Tip nodded, then caught his breath while Vlar slowed his internal contractions. Vlar tucked more pillows behind his head and shoulders. "That -- that special squeeze -- that's when you -- uh -- open up my prong?"

Vlar nodded, Inside, his fangs lanced into Tip's broad glans again. "There -- like that?"

"Wow! That really gets me hot, feeling your teeth go in," Tip sighed, thrusting upward into Vlar, abdominal muscles a taut, hard ripple. "Aaaah." He took a deep breath, let it out slowly. "Then you've already -- uh -- feeding on me?"

"Sure." Vlar smiled and licked his own lips. "You taste great, too." Inside, he sucked harder, and more blood spurted from Tip's shaft.

"Yeah? I think I can -- yeah, I'm feeling you -- take me." Tip took a deep breath as his muscles tensed again. "Getting -- close -- real close."

"Want me to slow down again?"

"No -- don't stop now -- take me -- all the -- fucking -- waaaaay!" He put his hands on Vlar's hips. "Never felt -- anything -- suck so -- hard -- take me -- eat me -- take it -- take -- take me -- take meeeee!" His naked body squirmed, squirmed harder, went suddenly rigid. Inside, Vlar felt Tip's prong jerk, then jerk again.

And as Tip erupted, Vlar tasted bitter sperm mixed with Tip's blood. Gradually, the bitterness waned; slowly, Tip's cock quieted, though still as rigid as iron.

"Wow!" sighed the youth. "That was -- something, you know." He caught his breath for a moment. "I'm still -- my prong's still hard, and I can feel you sucking, drinking my blood, taking me." He let his head fall back for a moment, then met Vlar's gaze again. "I'll -- we'll be able to make it again, won't we?"

"A lusty stud like you? And with the juices you sucked out of me just before we started -- don't worry, kid; you'll do just fine."

Tip stretched his hard-muscled body under Vlar in a luxurious squirm. "Well, yeah; I'm already -- the stuff down in the base of my prong is building up again. This is a real great way to get reaped out, but . . ."

"Want to get on top now?"

"Yeah. How'd you guess?"

Vlar grinned. "Young studs like you want to try it both ways. Let's roll over." They twisted, shifted, twisted again, until Tip lay atop Vlar. "Okay?"

"Neat. You must get lots of -- practice, doing that."

"Well, yes." Vlar locked his legs around Tip's waist. Tip curled his hips, thrusting hard; Vlar met that thrust with one of his own, sucking hungrily on his prey's rigid shaft. "How's that?"

"It's -- different." Tip paused, looking thoughtful, while his lean hips settled into a slow, thrusting beat. "Feels -- right now, it feels more like I'm pumping blood into you than you're sucking it out of me." He grinned and licked his lips. "Either way, it's --" Tip raised his head, and his body tensed. "Hey! Sandy! What are you doing here?"

Vlar turned his head and looked toward the door. A hard- cocked Hercules strolled into the room: the same young stud who came looking for Gi”rgio earlier that day. Gi”rgio, smiling happily, followed his prey into the room.

"Tip!" Sandy growled. "But I thought . . ." He stopped beside the platform, looking down at Tip and Vlar, one hand fingering his own rigid shaft.

Tip said, "But you -- but I -- but you said that . . ."

Sandy looked down at Vlar, licked his lips, asked, "You've already . . . ?"

". . . started?" Vlar nodded as he sucked more blood from Tip's shaft.

"Yeah," said Tip, "he opened up my glans right after he spitted himself on my prong, and I've been feeding him ever since. I already shot one load, and I'm getting ready to shoot another. But I didn't think that you . . ."

"Me? I did think that you were going to . . ." The young Hercules shrugged his shoulders, then said, "Well, since Vlar's already taking you, I might as well have Gi”rgio start on me."

Tip looked up at Sandy's rigid shaft, licked his lips, and said, "You sure look ready."

"I sucked a load of ball-juice out of Gi”rgio's prong as soon as I caught up with him, so I'm good and hard and -- and ready. How's it feel, Tip, getting reaped out like this?"

"You'll find out quick enough," Tip said, then chuckled. "Actually -- burn my balls, Sandy, but this the way to go, especially doing it together with you! I got real hot when Vlar's fangs cut into my prong; and with the way he's sucking, I'm gonna shoot again real soon."

Sandy turned to Vlar, asked, "He's feeding you okay?"

The vampire licked his lips and grinned. "Kid's a real stud; tastes nice and fresh, too." He touched Tip's chest with his right hand, while inside, he eased the suction on his prey's shaft. "I'll slow down so you and Gi”rgio can catch up -- okay?"

Sandy nodded. "Sure. Now . . ."

Vlar and Tip wriggled to one side of the sleeping platform. Sandy stretched himself out beside them and tucked a couple of cushions behind his thick shoulders. The young Hercules squirmed once, then relaxed, his muscular body warm against Vlar's side. He looked at Vlar's partner and curled his hips up invitingly. ". . . help yourself, Gi”rgio."

Vlar -- and Tip and Sandy -- watched Gi”rgio kneel astride Sandy's hips, watched him slowly, carefully impale himself on Sandy's long, thick prong.

Sandy asked Tip, "Gi”rgio's real tight; how 'bout Vlar?"

"Even tighter than you were the first time I spiked your butt," Tip said, then grinned. "And with what comes next --"

"Yeah -- his fangs are biting into my glans -- hey, you're right: this is a turn-on!"

"It is for me, too," said Gi”rgio.

"It should be," Tip said. "Sandy's bigger than me all over, so . . ." He looked down at Vlar, asked, "You're not . . . disappointed, are you?"

"He shouldn't be," Gi”rgio said. "Tomorrow, he gets Kerry -- the teacher with big shoulders and a nice, thick prong -- while all I get is one of the students."

"And besides that, Tip," Vlar said, "you're hot, and you're hung, and you're here."

"And I'm just about to shoot you another load of ball-juice to go with all the blood you've been sucking out of me," Tip panted.

Tip thrust harder, harder still. As Vlar fed on Tip's blood, he tasted his prey's sperm again. Vlar felt the young Hercules lying alongside squirm, heard him sigh, and knew that Gi”rgio too had begun to feed.

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