Queer VampiresCircuit Rider's Lesson
by Felix Lance Falkon

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". . . and that's one of the ways we keep our population in check," said Kerry. He felt his shaft twitch and realized he was fully erect; a glance at his students -- well-built, well-hung studlings in their late teens -- all naked like himself -- showed him their cocks were up and hard too. Although the classroom was warm, he shivered, feeling himself both eager yet -- somehow -- afraid. "Questions?"


Kerry saw his best-built, heaviest-hung student raise his right hand. "Yes, Jaze?"

"Sir, are you -- are you really -- you know -- going to do it?"

"Feed Vlar while I finish the lecture? I am." Kerry ran his right hand across his broad chest, felt his pectorals tense under his fingers. He sucked in his stomach and slid his left hand down that concave ripple of muscle. He gripped his quivering shaft, then stroked it gently. He turned to the two vampires sitting to one side of the classroom. One, Vlar, was lean and lithe; the other, Gi”rgio, was almost as muscular as Kerry himself. Both were naked, long-shafted, and up hard. "Now that I've told you how it's done, I'll show you."

Vlar stood up, sauntered gracefully to the pile of sleeping pads at Kerry's end of the classroom, and stretched his lithe body out on his back with his legs hanging over one end of the pile. Kerry strode to the sleeping pads, bent over Vlar's hips from one side, and lowered his head onto Vlar's upthrust shaft. He sucked the warm, hard meat for a moment, then straightened up and faced the class.

"As I told you," said Kerry, "a vampire's ejaculate keeps you harder and keeps you going longer. So --" He lowered his head and took Vlar's shaft deep into his mouth. Kerry sucked hungrily, savoring Vlar's answering wiggles and squirms until the vampire went rigid and shot his load. Kerry sucked, swallowed, sucked, and swallowed again. He raised his head, licked his lips, then dropped his head to suck out another mouthful from Vlar's glans, and then a third.

Kerry straightened up. "The stuff works fast." Kerry took a deep breath, felt his chest muscles tighten, felt his own shaft stiffen even harder. "And there's plenty of it." He licked the inside of his mouth, swallowed the last of Vlar's slippery load. "Understand, you don't have to suck him off, but it's lots more fun if you do. And besides, his semen tastes much better than yours or mine."

Kerry side-stepped to Vlar's feet; Vlar spread his thighs wide and curled his hips upward. Kerry turned his head, glanced at the class, and beckoned. "Gather round, men, so you can watch."

The naked young studs quickly formed circles around the sleeping pads -- the innermost lying prone, shoulders propped up on their elbows, the next seated or kneeling, the outermost standing erect.

"Uh -- sir?" asked Lindero, a sturdy blond student. "Is it okay if we -- mount up?" He patted Jaze's rump.

"It's okay," said Kerry, as Lindero climbed onto and slid his prong into Jaze's butt, "but don't forget to watch what Vlar and I are doing. Remember, there's an exam while Vlar's finishing me off." He waited until more of the innermost circle and some of the kneeling circle had been mounted and pronged. Then Kerry knelt between Vlad's knees. With one hand, Kerry lifted Vlad's balls; with the other, he carefully aimed his shaft at the opening just under the base of Vlad's shaft.

"As you saw earlier, when you examined Vlar and Gi”rgio, these vampires have an opening between their shafts and their regular anus -- or ass-hole, for the dictionary-challenged among you."

Kerry heard a ripple of laughter from the students -- nervous laughter, but it seemed to relax the naked hunks.

"Now -- normally you'd just go all the way in as soon as you're sure you're in the fuck-hole and not the ass-hole. But to show you how Vlad works on my shaft . . ." Kerry carefully eased his glans into Vlar's opening. He took a moment to study Vlar's clean-etched musculature and rigid cock. Then Kerry met Vlar's gaze, nodded his head, and felt the opening tighten around the rim of his glans.

Kerry leaned back, stretching his shaft. He put his hands on Vlar's knees and pushed even harder. "See? Once I'm in, I can't pull out unless Vlar lets me. And while I'm in . . ." He straightened up, taking the tension off his shaft. He met Vlar's gaze, nodded again, and felt the opening relax, then eased himself a few centimeters deeper. "Okay," he said, as he felt the opening grip his shaft again, "go to work on me."

Inside the naked vampire, dozens of needle-sharp teeth lanced into Kerry's glans, withdrew, lanced in again, and then withdrew all the way. A moment later, Vlar released his grip, and Kerry -- still on his knees -- pulled out his still-rigid shaft. He stood up, looked down; his glans was bedewed with blood. He tensed his shaft-stiffening muscles, and the crimson droplets swelled.

Kerry glanced at his students. All were watching, wide-eyed and fascinated. Most looked uneasy, but their own shafts were rock-hard. Kerry saw Lindero pause, then slowly resume humping Jaze. One by one, the rest of the mounted students did too, as did those who were fucking students in the kneeling circle. Others had their hands on their own shafts or those of the students next to them.

"Questions?" asked Kerry.

"Nosir," said a dozen voices.

Kerry grinned. He gripped his rock-hard shaft, now slick with blood under his fingers. With his thumb, he rubbed his glans, spreading the droplets of blood into a crimson smear. "Ready for the next round?"

Vlar, who had propped up his shoulders with his elbows, nodded.

Kerry knelt again, then carefully slid half the length of his shaft into Vlar. Kerry eased himself still deeper, felt his balls touch the rim of the opening, then felt that opening widen. He paused, then thrust the base of his shaft against Vlar's crotch. As he did, he felt the naked vampire apply suction, felt that suction swallow his balls, pulling them inside, then felt the opening tighten itself around the base of his shaft.

Kerry looked down, saw Vlar grin, heard him say, "Your cock feels even bigger than it looks."

"Yeah? You must say that to everybody you're feeding on."

"Just the well-hung studs like you."

Kerry licked his lips and took a deep breath. He felt a shiver run up his back. He expanded his chest, sucked in his lean stomach, curled his hips, and thrust harder with his cock. "You ready to start?"

"Sure am," said Vlar. "Here goes."

Kerry winced as he felt Vlar's teeth puncture his glans again, felt more teeth sink deep into the rest of his shaft. Twice more those teeth lanced into into his hard meat, and then a powerful suction gripped him -- a rippling suction that moved in delicious waves along his pincushioned shaft from base to tip.

"This is when it starts feeling real good," sighed Kerry. "Up till now -- well, you can't see it very well, but if you all come up close -- that's it," he added as Lindero uncoupled from Jaze and both stepped up for a look. The rest of the class followed in twos and threes. "Once your balls are in far enough for Vlar to reach them with his teeth, you're reaped out for sure."

"Yeah," said broad-shouldered Gard. At Kerry's inviting gesture, Gard reached down and fingered the base of his teacher's shaft. "You're in all th' way now, sir." Gard moved back to the closest circle. As he re-mounted the long-pronged classmate he'd been fucking, Gard asked, "Sir, are ya feedin' him yet?"

Kerry looked down, asked, "Vlar?"

"He sure is," said the vampire. "Right after I said, `Here goes,' I dug my fangs into his prong and then started sucking."

Kerry took a deep breath, let it out slowly. He tensed his pectoral muscles, ran both hands across his chest and on down to stroke Vlar's prong. "With me all the way in, and Vlar clamped tight around the hilt of my prong, I can't really slide in and out more than a centimeter or so. But the way he's sucking on my prong, I don't need to."

The classroom was silent for a moment, but for the rustle of naked bodies and Kerry's own heavy breathing. Down in the base of his own shaft, Kerry felt pressure build, felt his muscles begin to tighten. "Getting there -- real soon."

"Want me to slow down?" asked Vlar.

"Yeah -- please." Kerry felt the suction ease off, felt the rippling contractions slow almost to a stop. He glanced at the students, watched Lindero, plugged into Jaze's muscular body, finish his fuck with a hip-pumping climax, then relax.

A few minutes later, Lindero, still plugged into Jaze, asked, "Uh -- sir, can you feel yourself feeding Vlar?"

"I can feel him sucking, yes," said Kerry. "And . . ." He looked down, paused, focused his attention on his shaft, buried hilt-deep in Vlar's naked body. "And I think I can feel my blood squirting out. The teeth hurt going in, but not too much. Now . . ." He nodded to Vlar, and concentrated as Vlar sucked hard for a few seconds, then eased off again. "Yes, I can feel it -- kind of a prickling all over my shaft, only different, somehow." Kerry raised his head, glanced over the circles of naked, virile students. "It's hard to describe, but it's a real turn-on, feeling him suck my blood out of my shaft."

Jaze said, "It sounds like -- like you're saying if we want to find out, we gotta check it out with our own -- equipment."

Vlar chuckled, then said, "I certainly won't object to your doing that, as long as you let me go all the way."

Another tension-relieving ripple of laughter ran through the students.

"Anybody else?" asked Kerry.

"Sir?" asked a dark-haired student being briskly fucked by Aldro, a heavy-boned youth with freckled face and shoulders.

Kerry searched his memory for a name, found it: Pelion. "Go ahead."

Pelion said, "In your lecture, you said that -- that Vlar's fangs have to go in real deep."

"Very true. To get blood flowing properly, he has to bite all the way into the spongy tissue that makes up the core of your shaft. And to do that, he has to go through the tough sheath you can feel under the skin of your prong. That sounds lots more painful than it really is, especially after he starts sucking."

The classroom quieted again.

After a moment, Vlar asked, "Now?"

Kerry started to nod, then said, "Let's get all the way onto the sleeping pads." After couple of minutes of squirming, he was stretched out atop Vlar's lithe, lean-muscled body. Vlar locked his legs around Kerry's hips. The two men wrapped their arms around each other's broad, warm chests. Kerry had buried his rock-hard shaft buried to the hilt in Vlar's crotch; and Vlar's shaft was trapped between his and Kerry's lean bellies. Kerry pulled back, thrust with his hips, pulled back, thrust again into an eager, hungry suction that was pulling him toward an eruption. He thrust twice more, then let Vlar do the work.

"Close?" asked the vampire, with a squeeze of his legs.

"Yeah. Real close. Keep going. Too close -- to stop -- now -- here -- the -- fuck -- I come!" Kerry jerked his whole body, went rigid, and fed jet after jet of hot cream into the hungry suction that gripped his shaft.

Spent at last, Kerry let himself go limp, breathing heavily but aware -- comfortably aware -- that his prong was still rigid and he was still feeding Vlar's hungry suction.

"Wow!" sighed the naked teacher. "I've watched you take studs off before -- I've been giving this lecture for years, with my students feeding you and Gi”rgio -- but I just found out what it's really like."

"That good?"

"That good. And I've got a few more loads to shoot before you finish me off." Kerry licked his lips. "How do I taste, anyway?"

"Hard to say -- tasting down there doesn't work the same way as doing it with your tongue. Mostly, well, it turns on my appetite okay. And when you shoot your cream -- that's a turn-on too, only more so."

"And now you're working on my prong again, sucking --"

"Want me to stop?"

"Of course not. Keep on going, keep sucking until -- hey! I got an idea."


"I'll do that soon enough, but -- what I was wondering: what'll it feel like if you bit down on my balls with those internal teeth of yours?"

"Want me to try?"

Kerry nodded. "Only -- go slow. Okay?"

"Slow it is."

Kerry felt needle-sharp fangs sink into his ball-bag, felt them bite deeper, deeper still, while still more fangs slid into his shaft.

"Well?" asked Vlar.

"Wow! I can feel it right up into my guts." He took a deep breath. "Enough. I must be wired up real strange -- that turned me on again."

"You're not the only one," said Vlar. "Some studs'll ask me to chew their whole works to bits while they're feeding me."

"Uh -- sir," said Jaze, "when they ask -- do you?"

"Sure," said Vlar, "gives me some fresh meat to go with their blood." He paused, then asked, "Kerry, do you want me to chop up your balls like that?"

Kerry shook his head. "I'd rather keep on feeding you like this."

Vlar withdrew his fangs, applied suction again, and looked up at Kerry. "There -- your blood's coming faster now."

"That isn't all that's coming," panted Kerry, as his muscles tightened into another orgasm. "I'm -- shooting -- another -- load!" And he did, pumping shot after shot into Vlar, who eagerly sucked for more.

After catching his breath for a few minutes, Kerry raised his head and saw Wolof, his replacement teacher, kneeling alongside with a bottle of water -- salted water, as Kerry discovered when he gulped the whole bottleful down.

"Aaaah," sighed Kerry. "That'll keep me going a while longer."

"That's what you said when you told me to have the stuff on hand," said Wolof.

"I'm glad you remembered. It's -- it's kind of hard to keep track of all those details while I'm feeding this hungry vampire," said Kerry. He took another bottle, drained it more slowly, then glanced down at Vlar, who grinned back up as he sucked on Kerry's well-punctured shaft and balls.

Kerry raised his head again. "Another good thing about the semen I sucked out of Vlar's prong," he said. "My prong doesn't ache from keeping hard for so long, and the glands down in the roots of my prong are putting out semen like crazy."

Kerry looked down at Vlar again, pulled back with his hips, felt his prong shift a fraction of a centimeter in the vampire's tight passage, and then Kerry thrust hard again. Vlar responded with a squirm of his warm, lithe torso under the weight of Kerry's broad chest. And inside Vlar's hips, powerful suction slowly drew the well-muscled teacher toward another climax. He straightened his arms, looked down, and studied Vlar's sharply defined musculature.

After a moment, Kerry settled his torso onto Vlar's again. Vlar tightened his arms around Kerry's chest; Kerry tightened his around Vlar's. And all the while, the muscles inside Vlar's hips sucked on Kerry's shaft, sucked and swallowed and sucked for more.

Climax this time was slow in coming, but no less intense when Kerry pumped another load into Vlar.

"Is that your third?" asked Vlar, as Kerry relaxed with a satisfied sigh.

Kerry grinned at Vlar. "Yeah, something like that. Aren't you keeping count?"

Vlar grinned back. "I'm working as hard as you are. Maybe harder. Probably having as much fun, too, feeding on a lusty stud like you."

"It'd take some doing to match how good I feel, 'specially since you've just unloaded once and I've shot at least three times." Kerry paused, licked his lips. "Hey, I got an idea. I'll straighten my arms and give you some working room. You use your hands to bring yourself off --"

"-- and then you lick it off my chest."

They grinned at each other. Kerry straightened his arms, separating their chests, then watched eagerly as Vlar gripped his own shaft with both hands. The vampire pumped hard, his hands becoming a blur, while Kerry felt even greater suction on his own hard shaft. In moments, Vlar tightened his muscles into sharp relief, then shot a long jet of semen that arched up and fell to the middle of his chest.

"Wait -- there's more," Vlar panted. He pumped out another jet, then another, and yet another, leaving a pool of creamy semen in the middle of his taut-muscled chest.

Kerry bent down, slurped up most of the slippery semen, swallowed, then carefully licked up the rest. Vlar squeezed out a final squirt, caught in in his hand, and offered it to Kerry, who sucked it up and swallowed, then settled his chest down onto Vlar's again. "I don't know which turned me on more," Kerry sighed, "watching you shoot, or drinking your cream, or the way you were sucking on my prong while you were unloading yours, but . . ."

"Want me to slow down?"

Kerry shook his head. "I'm too close. Besides, the sooner I shoot this load, the sooner I'll be ready to shoot another one." He squirmed, squirmed again, then let his muscles tighten up as he felt the glands in the base of his shaft come to a boil and then erupt again, then felt Vlar's fucking passage suck away Kerry's latest load.

When the naked teacher raised his head again, a quick glance around the classroom showed him that the students were back at their desks, working on . . .

". . . the after-lesson test," said Gi”rgio, the sturdier of the two vampires.

"Right. Usually, I get a volunteer to feed one of you, and then I use the test to pick who feeds the other. This time, since I'm feeding Vlar . . ." He paused to savor Vlar's hungry suction on his prong for a moment.

". . . I get whoever scores lowest on the test," said Gi”rgio.

"And I think I know who he is already," said Wolof, a few minutes after that. "Jaze here turned in a blank paper."

"Oh, come on, Jaze," said Kerry, straightening his arms and raising his head and shoulders. "You're not that dumb."

"But sir," protested the muscular teenager, "I failed that test fair and square."

"Oh, all right." Kerry lowered his chest onto Vlar's again and patted the sleeping pads just to the left of their locked bodies. "Come on, Gi”rgio; lie down here. And Jaze -- you're already up and hard, or still still up and hard -- climb aboard Gi”rgio and let him open up your prong."

Gi”rgio stretched himself out, face up like Vlar, so close that Vlar's and Gi”rgio's shoulders touched. Jaze knelt between the sturdy vampire's thighs, sucked for a couple of minutes, then gulped down his load. Then Jaze mounted Gi”rgio and slid his rigid shaft into Gi”rgio's fuck-hole.

"Got your balls in too, Jaze?" asked Kerry, putting his left arm around Jaze's thick shoulders.

"Not yet, sir." The muscular student thrust, squirmed, and relaxed. "There -- he's got 'em both." He took a deep breath, squirmed again. "Now I'm ready."

"Okay," said Gi”rgio, "here goes."

Kerry felt Jaze squirm, heard him gasp aloud and then let out a long sigh. "You okay, kid?"

"Y-yessir, I am now. Like you said, this is a real turn-on, getting opened up and sucked on, both. Gi”rgio, maybe you can work on my shaft a bit more now, and the tip -- yeah, that's it. Now, just suck; and I'll feed you all I've got."

Gi”rgio asked, "Do you want me to run my fangs into your balls too, or . . . ?"

"Yeah -- bite into them like -- like Vlar bit into Kerry's."

"Vlar, you'd better give my prong a nibble too," said Kerry. "That'll get me going again." He felt Vlar's needle-sharp teeth slide in, then withdraw, replaced by Vlar's every-hungry suction.

Within minutes, Kerry felt Jaze tighten up, heard him panting hard. Kerry felt himself respond. A moment later, both were squirming as they shot their loads. And a moment after that, they settled down to catch their breaths as the vampires fed.

"Well?" asked Kerry.

"Like you said, `Wow!' "

"We'd better watch out, or we'll talk the whole class into feeding these vampires next."

Kerry heard Lindero say, "You said that like it's a bad thing." He raised his head, looked up, and saw the students were gathering around the sleeping pads again.

Vlar laughed, then said, "It is if we reap out so many of you studs that there's none left for us to feed on a few seasons down the calendar. So, after we finish sucking these two studs dry, we'll get a good night's rest and be off on our circuit again."

"And while you're working on Jaze and me," said Kerry, "any of you hot-rods not been fucked yet?"

Aldro, the freckled, thick-shouldered stud who had been fucking Pelion, raised a hand.

"Okay, stretch yourself out on my right side." He patted the pile of sleeping pads with his right hand. "Gard, bring me and Jaze some more bottles of water -- don't forget the salt. And Wolof, climb on Aldro and sink your cock in this hunk of muscle here beside me before your balls burst -- everybody's unloaded theirs but you."

In a couple of moments, the freckled student was stretching himself out next to Vlar. As Wolof approached, cock up and ready, Aldro asked, "How do you want to fuck me, sir -- face up or face down?"

"Stay on your back," said Kerry's replacement. "I like to watch a man's face when I fuck him."

Kerry watched Aldro spread his thighs wide, watched Wolof lube himself, ease his shaft into Aldro's butt, and begin to fuck. Wolof humped slowly at first. Aldro's initial scowl faded into an encouraging grin, urging Wolof to fuck harder and faster. As Kerry watched, he felt his own glands get ready to shoot another load into Vlar. Kerry glanced to his left; Jaze was squirming happily atop Gi”rgio's sturdy torso, obviously close to shooting another load into that study vampire.

Kerry glanced down at Vlar, who was eagerly feeding on everything that he could suck out of Kerry's well-punctured yet still hard shaft. Vlar grinned; Kerry grinned back, then concentrated on his approaching climax.

Copyright (C) 2001 by Felix Lance Falkon; you may save or make
paper copies for your own use; do not post, repost, publish,
or archive elsewhere without the author's express permission.

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