Queer Vampires
From the Grave
By Addie
January, 2000  

I wish I had never set eyes on them, the blonde-haired one called Simon and his consort, the green-eyed Corey. I tell my story as a warning to everyone to stay clear of "The Raven", the nightclub on Main Street. It was there that I first laid eyes on them, as they danced, or should I say, writhed, together on the dance floor.

Such beauties.

But perhaps I should introduce myself first. My name is Shane, and I am dead. At least I presume that I am dead. The lovely young man, who is typing this for me, says that I am a ghost. I don't feel dead, just kind of disembodied, as if in a dream like state. I can communicate, albeit on an astral level, with him. Maybe I will be around just long enough to put these words on the computer for you all to read. Where I go from there... who knows?

Back to my story.

I am… well, I was, 19 years old, and a little innocent, some might say. I understood my sexuality, in that I lusted after men, not women. But I didn't understand the world. I was new to the city of Chicago, having lived all my life in a small, country town. I was sick of being ostracized for what I was. Nobody seemed to care about who I was, which is why I finally left their bigoted and small minds behind.

Chicago beckoned me. I loved the stories I had read about the place, and believed that I would be able to make a life for myself. Perhaps all I did was make my death. I am not bitter, just sad and a lot wiser.

I had only been in town for a week, having finally found a small apartment to share with Kain, the one doing the typing now. He is a little more worldly than I am, two years older than me, and is straight. He thought it would make for an easier cohabitation if neither of us were attracted to the other. Kain was quiet, neat and tidy and worked in an office as a computer programmer. He was in fact, slightly boring (sorry Kain). But I liked him. He was pleasant to look at, kept to himself and could cook.

I spent two days getting settled, and the next five trying to find a job. My skills were limited, having only worked in a record store and a fast food outlet, since I had left school at 17. Consequently all that I was offered were menial jobs, such as dish washing and waiting on tables. That was how I came to be in "The Raven" that night.

I was collecting empty glasses from the tables, when I saw them in a dark corner, holding hands and talking. I found myself staring, and the blond one looked up and smiled at me. My knees actually went weak and I thought I was going to crumple to the ground. By the time I had composed myself, he was laughing at me, his strange sparkling eyes glinting from the lamp on their table.

The green-eyed one had looked up then as well, wondering why his friend was laughing and frowned slightly when he saw me shivering and sweating with embarrassment. I saw him nudge blondie in the ribs and I was sure he had berated him for upsetting me. I liked him straight away, with his curly black hair, pale skin and kindly smile. I think he winked at me, but I couldn't be sure. Perhaps I just wished he had winked at me.

I scurried back to the kitchen with my rattling tray of glasses and washed furiously. As soon as the sink was empty I rushed back out into the club again, hoping for another glimpse of them. Their little corner was empty and I let out a sigh. But then I heard a strange whisper in my head. It sounded like someone saying my name... I spun about and saw them on the dance floor.

God! If I had thought them attractive sitting down in the dark, then what I saw of them on the dance floor blew me away. They were both well built, the blonde one a little heavier, with more defined muscles, but the dark-haired one was perfect. Well, at least the sort of perfect that had my crotch tingling with desire. His hair had fallen free from its tie, and his clinging white shirt had opened to reveal his pale, hair-free chest. I could see small beads of sweat forming on the base of his throat, which in the light had a strange pinkish tinge. His body was moving delectably to the slow music, his slim hips and perfectly rounded arse were swaying gently. I clutched onto the table in front of me and tried to slow my breathing.

The blond-haired one bent his head seductively, and from where I was standing it looked as though he were sucking at the other's throat. Corey, (I will call them by their names now, even though I didn't know them at the time), suddenly shuddered and arched his back. I swear I heard him moaning over the music. His whole body had gone stiff and then he pushed Simon away from him. Simon was wiping his mouth and laughing, his whole face lit up with a mischievous and cheeky grin. He glanced over at me again.

Corey grabbed hold of his arm and dragged him off the floor. I thought they were leaving, but when I came back for some more glasses I caught a glimpse of Simon's firm thighs and backside wriggling about in the shadows. Carefully I moved closer for a better look.

I didn't know if they were aware of me, but to be honest, at that point in time, and the way my body was feeling, (you know, all tingly with a tightening in the crotch) I didn't care. They were right beside the speakers and the music was deafening as I drew closer. I slithered into a cubicle, hiding myself in the dark, and tried to reduce my breathing to a minimum as I peeked around the corner.

Simon had Corey up against the wall, holding his wrists tightly at his side, and was grinding his lower body against him. Corey had his eyes closed, his mouth was slack and he was whimpering slightly, every so often, and then clenching his teeth. I was ashamed of myself for watching them, but at the same time, was so aroused that I couldn't move anyway.

I watched as Simon let go of one of Corey's wrists and slithered his free hand up inside his shirt, ripping the fabric. He was pinching his nipples mercilessly and laughing to himself as he did so. He was a beast, pure and simple, but sensual and alluring at the same time. Corey tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but Simon appeared to be much stronger. All the time Simon was grinding his hips against Corey, thrusting, parodying the sexual act. My fingers slipped down to my own crotch, which I rubbed furiously. I was in pain... I needed release, but it wasn't going to happen.

I heard a desperate gasp, and then a deep guttural groan. My hands sprang up from their insatiable probing and clutched at the side of the table. I was almost afraid to look, but seemingly of its own volition, my head peered around the end of the cubicle. Simon had his head buried in Corey' neck and appeared to be biting him. A strangled moan escaped my lips even as I tried to stifle it with my hand. Too late! Simon had heard me and snapped his head up. In horror I could see blood dribbling slowly down his chin, his long, pink tongue darting out to lick it up.

I tried to scrabble out of the cubicle and flee, but my heart was pounding too hard and my legs were shaking too rapidly to make movement possible. I fell to the floor and tried to crawl under the table, but strong hands pulled me out. "Nooooo," I cried, as I felt myself being lifted up into the air. I was face to face with a wondrous demon, who was staring at me with an expression I couldn't quite fathom. He was beyond handsome, with a perfectly formed nose, exquisitely sensuous lips, high cheekbones, intense grey eyes and… fangs. I think I fainted dead away for a couple of seconds, for when I came to, they were both looking down at me on the floor.

"What... who... shit... fuck... leave me alone... don’t hurt me. Dear God, I'm gonna die." I knew I was acting like a baby, flinging my arms about my face, trying not to wet myself, but I couldn't help it. He had fangs God-dammit. Sharp, ferocious fangs that still had blood on them.

"Shhhh, calm down. It's OK, we're not going to hurt you." Corey was kneeling next to me and was lifting me gently upright.

"He's some kind of monster, don't you realize that? He… he's got fangs."

Corey laughed softly, a sound that was melodic, like liquid honey dripping out of his lips. Oh God, those lips... I could drown in their splendour. Where did these creatures come from?

"What are you?" I asked again, with a trembling voice.

"Just men, like you." Corey answered me. But I didn't believe him. Up close their skin was the colour of alabaster, with a shine to it. I could see the ribbons of their veins running just below the surface. Nobody was that white, not even prisoners who had been in solitary confinement for 10 years.

"No, you're not." I stated. The vehemence in my voice surprising even me.

"Oh, but we are," Simon crooned to me, his eyes flickering from grey to blue, his voice strong and mesmerizing. I felt calm, at ease, peaceful. "Of course," I heard myself answering him, dreamily, "of course you are. How stupid of me. I'm sorry I was staring at you."

Simon's expression changed, from slightly amused to devious, and Corey looked at him fearfully. "Simon, what are you thinking?"

I found myself being held firmly against the wall, my hands in a similar position to that of Corey, earlier. I was beyond afraid. Droplets of perspiration were dripping down the sides of my face and wetting my shirt. I tried to cry out, but my voice had disappeared, along with any semblance of pride. I could feel my lips moving, my throat constricting as I tried to beg him to let me go.

"Relax, Shane," I just want to show you something. You were trying to spy on us after all."

How did he know my name? I don't remember telling him? Can he read my bloody mind now? My mind was screaming, my thoughts were in complete turmoil. I tried to turn my head to the side, as his eyes seemed to be piercing into my head, burning my soul.

"Leave him, Simon." I heard Corey speaking to him softly, his voice like a soothing balm to my frayed nerves.

"Pl... please..." I managed to finally stutter.

"Please what?" Simon whispered into my ear. "Do you want to see some more?"

"Wh...what do you mean?"

In my agitation I tried to squirm out of his hold, but as I glanced down I saw him pull his belt out of his trousers. "Oh God, don't hurt me, please." He chuckled, and with a deft movement had my hands tied tightly behind my back, and then hitched onto the knob at the end of the cubicle. I could move about, but couldn't get away. I looked at Simon. "You were watching us." He smirked. "It was turning you on, wasn't it? Which one of us were you lusting after?"

I coughed in my embarrassment and tried to avert my eyes. Simon put his hand gently under my chin and peered into my face. He smiled slightly. "Ah, Corey!" he exclaimed, and winked at his companion who seemed just as embarrassed as I was.

"Would you like to see what a real orgasm is like, young one? Not just the brief moment of passion with mortal sex, but real ecstasy?"

I didn't understand what he was saying. Mortal sex! What did he mean?

"Ah ha! You don't understand do you? Well let me show you."

He grabbed Corey and pushed him firmly up against the wall, further into the shadows and began to molest him again with his skillful hands. "Simon, no, not here."

"I want our young friend to see, Corey. To understand."

"I said, not here." Corey snarled at him. "What are you playing at anyway? Why can't you just leave him be?"

"I can't, mon amour. You know that, as well as I do. He's seen what we are; he has an inkling of our true natures. You know we cannot let him go."

"I didn't mean that, Simon. I just want you to stop playing with him. Let me take him out into the alley and finish it. Stop your cruel game."

Finish it? What the hell were they talking about? Were they going to kill me? I tried to scream, hoping that the few patrons who were left in the club could hear me over the noise of the music. Only a high pitched squeak came out, before I felt my mouth being stuffed with something, soft and silky. I felt like I was going to gag.

"Simon, please, don't be a beast." Corey was shoving him away from me and looked at me sadly. He pushed my hair out of my eyes. "He's sweet and good looking, and so young. Let me take him, please?"

Oh God, yes, let him take me. If I was going to die then let it be at his hand. This Adonis before me, with the beseeching green eyes and a tender touch.

"No, no, no, young one. I want you to see what it's like. Corey, stop being a party-pooper and help me escort Shane out of the club."

They untied my hands, and between them held me tightly as I was walked slowly past the dance floor and out the front door. It was skillfully done, no one seemed to notice my terror. Perhaps Simon had mesmerized them all. I found myself being bundled into a very sleek black sport's car, and driven to an extremely up-market apartment, replete with luxurious furniture and up to date electronic equipment.

Well, I thought. If I am going to die, I am at least going to do it in style. I heard Simon snicker behind me. Dammit, I wished he would stop listening to my thoughts.

I was led into their opulent living room and Simon flicked on some relaxing music. Well, I suppose it was meant to relax them, not me, for I was still a bundle of nerves. Then I was forced to lead them up the stairs to another room, which turned out to be the largest, most sumptuously furnished bedroom I had ever laid eyes on. The bed was bigger than king-sized, covered in downy quilts of embroidered silk, in hues of gold and burgundy, while the artwork on the walls looked original.

"They are," Simon said quietly. "Do you like my Monet? Not even the Louvre knows of its existence. He was a personal friend of mine, actually."

I almost snickered at his comment, but from the look of disdain on his face at my reaction, I thought better of it. Corey seemed ill at ease and I looked at him with a begging expression. He shrugged his shoulders and looked down at the floor. It was at that moment that I realized he was just as much a slave to Simon's lascivious whims as I was.

My clothes were stripped from my body while my hands were bound again to the end of the bed. I was mortified and felt myself blushing furiously. Corey couldn't look me in the face, but Simon looked me all over, with his hands as well as his eyes. His hands were cold and silken to the touch. He let them wander from my bare shoulders, down my back to my buttocks, then cupped my balls firmly for a few seconds. I let out a squawk and tried to move away from his ministrations, but he brought his other hand around to my chest and held me firmly. When he touched my penis I thought I would die. I had never seen it grow so quickly, and this brought another snicker from my molester.

He stepped away from me and turned his attention to Corey, who looked as though he was trying to make himself as small as possible. "Now, Corey, take off your clothes and lie down on the bed."

There was a standoff for about three minutes, as Corey glared at Simon and Simon glared back. I swear that neither of them blinked or even breathed as they were sussing each other out. I was beginning to wonder if they had gone into some kind of a trance when I heard a deep growl, that sounded more like it came from a lion or a bear. I jumped in fright and Corey winced slightly, then backed away from the bed.

"Corey, what's the matter with you? I asked you to get undressed. Do you want me to do it for you?"

"What do you think I am Simon? I'm not undressing in front of this poor boy."

"So you are saying you won't do it voluntarily, then?"

Corey nodded and backed away even more so that he was touching the wall behind him. "Not at all, Simon, now leave me alone."

Simon growled again and pounced at Corey, grabbing him by the shoulders and looking right into his eyes, their noses touching. "So you are saying, Corey, that you want me to undress you. Is that right?"

Corey snarled at him through clenched teeth and I couldn't quite hear what he said, but I got the gist of it. Simon chuckled out loud, his roaring laughter drowning out the music coming from the room downstairs and began to rip his shirt. Corey tried to squirm out of his hold and push him away, but this only made Simon work harder at his task. He flicked out his leather belt, yanked down his jeans with a flick of his wrist, then pulled his shoes and socks off with one final tug. What stood before me was an Adonis with a finely muscled chest, perfectly flat stomach, slender hips and muscled thighs. He was quivering with anger and embarrassment, which only added to his appeal. I could have ravished him on the spot.

Simon's head whipped around and he grinned at me. "That can be arranged, young one. But do you think you could handle him?"

I couldn't even manage a mumbled reply, as my throat had constricted again. I shook my head and tried to hide my naked body as much as I could behind the end of the bedstead. Simon's hand grabbed me and pulled me out into full view. "What are you doing hiding back there, I thought you wanted to watch us?"

I groaned in reply.

Corey was lying flat on his back on the bed by this time, having been flung there by his lover. His hair was fanned out across the pillow. His eyes were closed, his dark eyelashes feathering his white cheeks. He was breathing deeply and steadily. I watched as Simon knelt on the bed beside him and began to run his hand down his length, from the dip at the base of his throat to his belly button. His white hand lingered there for a few seconds, as if it was trying to decide where to explore next.

Corey grabbed his hand firmly and tried to hold it there. "Stop it, Simon?" he begged one more time.

"Oh, you are a pain in the neck, Corey. Now I'm going to have to tie you up."

Corey grimaced but made no further sound. He seemed just as resigned to his fate as I was to mine. As his wrists were handcuffed to the bed head, his eyes showed no emotion and I gathered he was used to being treated in such a beastly manner.

"Are you ready for the show, young Shane?" Simon smiled at me.

I nodded.

I tried to catch Corey's eye, but he had them steadfastly closed. I could hear him breathing hard, but wasn't completely sure if it was him, as I was panting heavily, partly with fear and partly with arousal for what was unfolding in front of me.

Simon's deft fingers were caressing Corey's inner thighs. I could see his muscles twitching and clenching, as he slipped his fingers into Corey’s black nest of hair to find his balls, which he fondled. I could feel my own balls constricting and my organ beginning to rise again.

Corey was moving his hips slightly now, it was too much for him as well. I could tell he hated having an audience, but he too was becoming extremely aroused by Simon's performance. I watched in fascination as Simon began to finger Corey's penis, starting at the base, with slow upward movements, then coming back down again more quickly. Each upward motion becoming faster and faster until it was simply a blur to my glazed and watery eyes. By this time Corey was moaning softly, but still keeping his lips firmly pursed.

Simon would glance at me every few seconds and I could see little beads of pinkish sweat forming on his face. He was licking his lips lasciviously and I found myself licking my own, much to his delight. He then straddled Corey's straining body and bent down to kiss him deeply on the lips, a kiss that seemed to last for eons and that sounded wet and succulent. Deftly, Simon knelt between Corey' legs, spread them wide and began to insert his fingers inside him. I bowed my head. This was too much, I couldn't watch any longer.

Simon's hands were on my shoulders. As he forced to me to turn and look into his eyes, he grinned. "Too much for you already, young one?"

I nodded and tried to turn my head away from him, but he held it firmly. "Ah, but the best is yet to come... don't be shy."

Simon stood a few feet away from me and began to undress, slowly and seductively, putting on a complete performance. I happened to spy Corey watching him out of the corner of his eye and I swear I saw a glimmer of a smile cross his lips.

Simon did a little twirl for me, wriggling his naked, perfectly plump backside in my face, then fingered himself for a few seconds. I was mesmerized by his well-muscled body and his penis, which was rock hard. In fact, I couldn't be sure about this, but I think it looked as though it was always rock hard. I wondered if it were painful to harbor a constant stiffy. "You think, too much," Simon giggled, did another twirl and landed on the bed next to Corey. This time his lower half was in Corey' face. As Simon began to devour Corey's penis, Corey opened his eyes, let his pink tongue slip out and began to lick and suck at Simon.

I needed my hands. I had to relieve myself somehow and found myself rubbing up against the end of the bed. Their lovemaking was noisy and furious, full of slurps and gurgles, groans and sighs, and the sounds echoed in my ears as I struggled to stop myself from buckling at the knees. Sweat and tears were pouring down my face and I found myself becoming as slick as they were.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, seeing only red beneath my lids. When I opened them again, all I could see was Simon's white backside thrusting up and down. He had moved about and had slipped inside of Corey without me noticing. I was quite put out.

Simon thrust inside the white, convulsing body on the bed and I thrust against the hard coldness of the bed end. I know who was having a better time of it. My knees were becoming quite sore from knocking against the metal base, and my wrists were chafing from their bindings. I was in a shocking state, and had almost decided that death had to be better than what I was going through right now.

Their moaning was becoming very loud and interspersed with guttural grunts, when Corey let out a blood-curdling scream. I jumped in the air, landed hard against the wood and let out my own scream. My whole body was shaking when I finally found the courage to see what was happening now. The thrusting was over and Corey was lying there with his legs apart and his head hanging to one side. Simon was sucking vigorously on his neck and every few seconds one of them would whimper. Corey's body was beginning to shudder as Simon continued to suck from him, and his eyes were flicking from side to side rapidly. He looked like he was about to have a fit.

After a few more minutes of this, Simon had to hold on tightly, as Corey began to buck violently, kicking his legs and trying to break free of the handcuffs. Eventually, his hands pulled free, the cuffs bending like they were made of plasticine, and Corey began to rake his sharp fingernails down Simon's back. Trails of blood were dripping down his sides and onto the bed.

My own climax was coming, as I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to ride it out. My own earth-shattering wail coincided with their mutual scream that almost deafened me. In fact for several minutes afterwards I could hear nothing but blood rushing through my ears. I was exhausted, overwhelmed and very, very sticky.

I was on my knees when I heard Simon's voice breaking through the thrumming in my head. "It's your turn now."

My whole body was shaking, my eyes were blurred and I had completely lost the ability to speak or reason. I felt myself being lifted up and my wrists unleashed. Two pairs of eyes were staring at me, one pair slate grey the other a verdant green.

"Come, young one, lay down for a while, you look exhausted." One of them was speaking to me, but I wasn't aware of which one it was.

I felt myself being lifted onto the bed and a soft quilt being laid over me. Perhaps I had been wrong after all. Maybe they were going to let me live. I was still shivering as I curled up into a foetal position and shut my eyes. I could hear them talking softly to each other, little murmurings, interspersed with a few French words. My mind was unable to interpret what they were saying.

I must have drifted off to sleep, because when I finally awoke it was the middle of the day and I was hot and bothered under the quilt. I was alone, as I finally found to courage to climb out of the bed. With shaking legs I tried the door. It was locked. I went over to the window and discovered that I was up about three floors. But, even if I had been brave enough to try and jump, I saw that the window was firmly bolted as well.

Glancing around the room I noticed a tray of food on the table. It was simple fare, a can of coke and a couple of cheese sandwiches, very roughly made, but it was sustenance. I devoured it greedily, not realizing until then how hungry I was.

After I had regained my strength I tried banging on the door, shouting out their names, but all was silent. After a couple of hours of pacing and staring out the window, boredom overcame my anger and fear and I set about finding some entertainment. There was a bookshelf in the corner of the room, but all the books were too difficult for me to read. In fact a few of them appeared to be in other languages. I sighed and slumped down on the bed, noticing a slight clicking as I did.

With a start I heard a whirring sound and saw a big screen television appear in the far wall. I had inadvertently sat on the remote control.

I was hot and sweat was pouring off me. My body was aroused and shivering with desire. Their faces were in front of me, handsome, intense, and incredibly white. Hands were on my body, hard, cold and silky. I tried to move away from them, but I was tied to the bed...

"Wake up Shane," I heard his voice in my ear as I opened my eyes and realized that I had been dreaming.

His face was close to mine, his green eyes glinted with amusement and his white teeth flashed for a second revealing his sharp little fangs. He had startled me and I flinched away from him.

"I'm sorry about last night, young one. But when Simon wants to have some fun, everyone has to go along with him. Are you feeling better?"

I nodded and tried to cover myself completely with the quilt. He smiled at my embarrassment. "He shouldn't have done that to you...to us," he added wistfully. "You are very beautiful."

"No... no I'm not. I'm ordinary."

"Not to me you're not."

"Are you going to let me go?"

He didn't answer me, but I knew from the sad expression on his face that letting me go probably wasn't an option. He shook his head, but didn't say anything.

"I won't say anything to anyone," I blubbered.

Before he had a chance to even consider an answer, Simon came into the room. He was elegance personified in his grey woolen suit, with a soft, pale-lemon silk shirt and black tie. Corey looked up at him and held out his hand. Simon actually bent down and kissed it. I think I sighed at this chivalrous act and was greeted by a cavalier smile. "Going somewhere, Simon?"

"Oui, I have some business to attend to. Will you stay with our young friend, Mon amour, make sure he is well looked after." He winked at him and Corey nodded in assent.

Simon left in a flourish of hand gestures and blown kisses, then Corey turned to me. "Well, Shane. What do you think we could do to keep each other company for a while?"

Corey looked serious all of a sudden and stood up from the bed and went over to the window. I was too afraid to approach him and after a while he turned around to see what I was doing. He raised his eyebrows, then brought his hands up to his face, like he was saying a prayer.

"I'm truly sorry about this, Shane. You should never have been allowed to watch that little session last night."

How could I answer him? I knew I shouldn't have, I wish I hadn't, but I did and that was all there was to it. He glided over to the bed and sat down next to me, taking my hands in his. "How old are you?"

"19" I said softly. Corey shook his head. As he sat there, looking at me with a sad expression on his face, I realized that he was the most alluring creature I had ever lain eyes on. His black, curly hair shone like silk in the light of the bed lamp and his lips beckoned to me... seducing me, almost innocently. I sighed and brought my hand up to touch his cheek. It was cold and smooth and he brought his own up to my cheek and rubbed it slowly.

Under the sheets I could feel my manhood springing into life again. In fact, to my horror, I could see the quilt quivering. He glanced down and a flicker of a smile crossed his face. His hand moved down to my throat where it lingered for a few seconds and a raw hunger transformed his features. I shivered.

He blinked quickly and his expression changed again. I knew he would be the one to take me and I was glad. He knew it too. I leaned into him and kissed his lips, letting my tongue slip in and rub against his fangs. They were sharp and I heard myself hiss with pain as my tongue was pierced. I could taste my own blood in my mouth. Corey moaned, deeply and I could feel the arousal in his body.

He pushed me away from him and began to undress, slowly and seductively, not with the same flourish as Simon had done the previous evening, but it was just as arousing. His shirt dropped to the ground and he slithered his trousers off over his slender hips, wriggling just enough so that they dropped to the ground without any help from his hands. He pulled the quilt off my trembling body and straddled me.

I was shaking so hard it was a wonder my teeth weren't clicking together as his long fingers began to rotate around my nipples. Within seconds, his touch became painful as my whole body responded with desire for him. He bent down and covered my mouth with his, letting a little of his own blood slither down my throat. I cried out, the sensation was overwhelming me completely, as my body heated up from the tips of my fingers and toes, through to my torso. I licked at his lips as he pulled away, and watched a tiny trickle of blood dribble down his chin.

He wiped it away with the back of his hand, then slowly pushed my legs apart. I squeezed my eyes shut, believing that what he was about to do would be extremely painful, but all I felt was a cold sensation as his fingers pushed inside of me. They were covered in gel. I smiled at him. "I won't hurt you, Shane." He whispered into my ear, then continued his ministrations.

I arched my back to give him easier access to my body, and brought my knees up high. He pushed on them with his hands as I felt him enter me, slowly and gently. I flung my head back and gritted my teeth to stop from crying out as the tears flowed down my face.

Then I felt it, a sharp sensation over my heart, as his mouth covered my nipple and he began to drink from me. I am sure I cried out then, but I didn't care any more, he was feeding from me and I was happy to let him take every ounce. A feeling of euphoria was washing over me, as the lights in the room dimmed. My thoughts spiraled back and back until before I ever existed. My other senses began to shut down and all I was left with was the feel of his body caressing mine, his mouth moving against my chest, the pounding of our hearts and a feeling of utter bliss.

At some time then I left my body, or my soul did - if we have souls, and I was looking down on this decadent tableau. My body was limp, pale and still when he finally withdrew and covered it with the quilt. He shut my eyes, kissed my forehead and bade me good-bye.

"Good-bye, Corey." I whispered to him and he looked up towards the light. There were tears in his eyes.

Thus ends my tale, dear friends. I will move on now, my warnings having been told and heeded, I hope. Just one last thing... If you ever see two delectable creatures making out in a dark corner in a club, ignore them, walk away, and do not be tempted to become a voyeur. Just remember me.

The end

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