Queer VampiresInterlude with the Vampire

The August heat and humidity had been terrible for the past three days and nights.  One could sense the tension in the air, and each night I fully expected there would be a storm.  But late on the third night, a full moon came out and the stars shone brightly in the clear sky.  I stood at the veranda door of my parents' summer cottage, staring out at the lake, clad in only my white briefs.  (My parents would not arrive for another week, and I was enjoying my solitude.)  The moon was reflected on the water, and it was so bright I could see the fish when they sailed into the air to catch some hapless insect or other.  My hand slid over my chest:  I was sweating profusely, and as my hand touched my nipples, I felt them rise up to attention. (My nipples are always very sensitive and need very little touching to get them excited.)  I reached for my heavy cock, which was already half-hard, then released it, determined to wait until the film on television was over.

I had been watching Bela Lugosi's Dracula.  I have always loved vampire movies, but the old black and white one is the best.  I know this may sound weird, but I also think they are erotic.  I mean, Dracula biting into the most sensitive spot of the neck as he wraps himself around his victim has a certain sexual connotation.  I must confess that I have often wished I was the victim.  Becoming a vampire had always seemed attractive to me.  Certain qualities of such an existence were, after all, enticing - long life, a choice of victims, power.  Of course everyone knows vampires do not exist...

As the commercials ended and the movie began again, I sat down on the leather sofa and spread my legs out in front of me.  Dracula was again about to seduce his victim.  My fingers flicked my hard nipples, and I groaned as he sank his teeth into the victim's neck.  My briefs were tented out, as my cock had grown hard again.  I looked down to see my tool throb in the darkened room, lit only by the TV.  I was proud of my hard-on - it stood up a good seven inches, with a slender shaft and a very large head that looked somewhat like a magic mushroom.  Below it hung two large orbs that dropped quite low, and when free, swung between my legs.  Around the trunk of my cock was a large, dense bush of black curly hair.  I am nineteen and what you might call a norndog.  Six-foot one, 175 pounds, with broad shoulders and a strongly muscled body - well-developed chest with rounded pecs and two large, dark nipples, washboard stomach, strong arms, and hairy, muscled legs from all the workouts I forced myself to do at the gym.

My hands left my chest and grabbed my dick.  As I squeezed, I felt a drop of pre-cum ooze out of my cockhead and saw it wet the fabric of my underwear, leaving a darker spot.  I continued massaging my tool inside my shorts till the end of the movie, and by that time was quite excited.  The wet spot had grown in size, as my dick leaks quite a lot and easily lubes up my hand.

I turned off the tube and got up.  Outside, the full moon was still bright as I left the house and headed for my swimming spot.  It took me about five minutes to hike to the secluded little bay with its sandy beach.  About fifty feet from the edge, there was a large, flat rock where I often stopped to rest and lie in the sun during the day or stare up at the stars during the night.

I slipped out of my briefs and walked down to the water.  I always swim in the nude since there is never anyone around.  I feel safe.  I looked out to the rock and slowly walked into the warm water.  It felt good as the ripples climbed up my legs, then surrounded my balls and nearly soft cock, then up my torso, and finally to my neck.  I began to swim out toward the rock.  I stayed in the water for awhile, letting it rinse away the sweat and precum, but finally I climbed onto it and lay down to stare up at the stars.  The moon was at its crest, and there wasn't a sound to be hear.  Suddenly a dark shadow flew across the pale, cold face of the moon.  It passed so quickly, I did not have time to see what it was, but it seemed surprisingly large.  A shiver ran over me, as if a cold breeze had passed my by.  But the most amazing thing to happen in that brief moment was that my nipples became instantly erect, so erect they almost hurt when I touched them.

My hands massaged my chest and tickled my rubbery nubs, sending pleasure waves down to my rising hard-on.  I spread my legs wide, preparing for the inevitable session between my hand and cock.  That's when I heard the splash.  I sat upright and saw someone swimming out to the rock.  At first, I was alarmed, for never before had I encountered anyone in this area, but my alarm changed to fascination when I saw that the figure was youthful and male, with wide shoulders and well-developed arms that gracefully cut the water as he swam.

Within moments he had reached the rock and was staring up at me, and then he smiled.  I stood up and gazed down at the most beautiful man I had ever seen.  He was about my age, maybe a little older, with black hair and black eyes that seemed to pierce right through me.  His face was perfect, very masculine, with a smile that could melt anyone.  His teeth were a bright white, and when he smiled, one could see that they were straight and powerful.  In the moonlight, they seemed almost to gleam.

"Good evening," said the stranger in a deep, sensuous voice.

"H-hi," I stammered a bit stupidly, trying to hide the fact that I was nervous, and strangely enough, a little excited.  My cock had gone back to its resting status, but I felt a little twinge as the stranger's eyes looked me up and down.  "I'm sorry," I said, "I seem to have lost my manners.  It's just that you startled me.  My name is John."

"No problem - I can understand that.  Mine is Michael. May I come up and join you?"

"There's lots of room - as long as you don't mind me being bareassed."

"Of course not.  I always swim in the nude - especially on a night like this."

And with that, he climbed up onto the rock.  My eyes opened wide when I saw him.  He stood six-one or two, with a well-developed body of  perfectly defined muscles.  His well-rounded pecs held two large, dark nipples that right now were hard.  Strong shoulders tapered down to a waist even narrower than mine.  From his bellybutton, a trace of black hair led down to a dense forest that surrounded a cock and balls which would have been mine.  His legs were hairy like mine, and as he stood there with them wide apart, I could tell that they were intimidatingly strong.  Al in all, he was a very impressive stud, which had me salivating already.

He continued to stare deep into my eyes, and smiled as if seeming to like what he saw.  Then his gaze went to my cock which had started to thicken.  My head was spinning, and when I looked down at him, I saw that his, too, was inflating.  We stood there, just staring as both our erections rose determinedly into the air.  The twin hard-ons seemed to have minds of their own, throbbing and twitching in perfect sync.

"I was hoping for this, " murmured Michael. "When I saw you from the shore, I knew you were going to be mine tonight."

He eased forward, bringing our cockheads together, and our dickslits kissed.  A drop of clear fluid crept out of each head, and sealed the kiss with the sticky bond of pre-cum.  Both cocks throbbed at the same time, separating momentarily, but sill linked together with a silvery spider web of ooze that shimmered in the moonlight.

"You're like a dream come true," I whispered, "I've always wanted to do this on this very rock, but no one ever happened along.  It's so...uh...desolate out here."

"I have not just happened along," he replied.  "You have wanted me for a long time..."

He moved his hips sensuously, and our erections again slid against one another, as the liquid oozed down our shafts.

"I don't understand..."

"Yes you do.  When you were watching the movie earlier this evening..."

"How did you know that?"

He smiled a mesmerizing smile, "I am your dream come true."

I was a bit startled by this - wouldn't you be? - and a little unnerved, as he wrapped both long arms around me and brought our bodies close together, trapping our twin erections between our navels.  And as he looked deep into my eyes, our lips met, tenderly at first, then with more insistence.  Effortlessly, his tongue opened my lips and found my tongue.  Our hips began slowly undulating together, our cocks stabbing into each other's flesh.  In that moment, I decided I didn't care who he was or what he knew about me - I just wanted more of him.

"All right," I groaned. "I'm yours.  Just don't stop."

"This is nothing.  Soon you will feel as you have never felt before.  You will experience something beyond human imagination..."  he stopped suddenly and we locked eyes.  "You must now promise to come to me fro three nights on this rock.  Promise?"

"I promise, I promise,"  I gasped, as my arms pulled him back to me.  In a moment, I was feeling his strong back, cupping his tight ass, pulling him as close as was humanly possible.

His open lips found mine to kiss again long and hard, our sudden passion expressing itself in the soft noises we were making, like the flutter of wings in the night.  As we ground our crotches together, I could feel our balls banging together with each movement of our hips, until our groins seemed to meld into one.  Between our bellies, our cocks had lubricated our stomachs with so much sex-slime that each movement was an unprecedented discovery in sensual pleasure.  I had never known anyone - or anything - like this.

His mouth left mine and he licked my neck.  When he touched that sensitive vein, I moaned loudly and held him tighter still.  He eased down, leaving a trail of saliva as he lowered his mouth to my pecs.  They were on fire as he licked, kissed, and finally, bit them.  I lifted his head and did the same to him, tearing into his nips with my tongue and teeth, until at last he pulled me off and gently lifted my chin.  We stared into each other's eyes.

"Concentrate on your tits," he suggested.

I looked down at our joined chest.  His pecs were touching mine, and he edged forward, so that our nips rubbed against each other.  I had never felt such a sensation before.

"Come," he whispered.

Obediently, I followed, and we lay down on the rock.  He dropped down lightly atop me, and I could feel our crotches melding, our balls squeezing tightly together, and our cocks pressing on top of each other, head to head.  We kissed again, our tongues searching out the depths of each other's throat as we exchanged saliva.  Our crotches rocked together, bringing us closer and closer to climax.  I was moaning out loud, but he made no sound except a soft hiss as his breath came in the gasps of approaching orgasm.  Our hairy legs wrapped themselves together as if we were both trying to become one.  Effortlessly, he lifted himself above me, still keeping our twin erections together.  We both looked down.

"Look..." he urged. "Look at them shine in the moonlight... feel them throb."

Gradually, I became aware that his voice had changed.  I looked into his eyes.  They were now the eyes of an animal in heat, red and demanding, and when he opened his mouth, I could almost believe that his teeth had somehow become two sharp fangs.  I trembled with anticipation, hardly believing that I was about to live out my wildest fantasy.

Gently, he took our twin erections into his hand and slowly massaged them.

"Feel the throbbing.  Feel the blood rush through our veins.  Listen for my heartbeat, and I will find yours."

While he slowly massaged our dicks, I concentrated on what I was feeling, and slowly I did begin to feel his heartbeat through his dick.  I also felt mine fall into sync with his until it was as if we shared the same heartbeat.  Our cocks both throbbed together, more and more quickly, until they were filled with so much blood, that we both ached for release.

I looked down to see our cocks as one - rockhard, leaking juices continually, and his hand caressing the shafts.  He leaned down a bit as we stared into each other's eyes, and our hips started their fucking motion again, this time with even greater urgency.  Our balls were rubbing tightly together, creating a fire between our groins, and we could feel the hot lava start to build up.  We were both now crying out loud, each intake of breath taken at precisely the same moment.  More and more quickly our thrusts accelerated as we approached our climax, and then it was there.  He threw himself down on me as our cocks erupted at exactly the same second, sending spurt after spurt of hot jism between our stomachs.

As I continued to come, I felt him lick the pulsating vein in my neck.  There was a sharp pain as he bit into me, followed by an indescribably sweet pleasure as our cocks continued to pour out thick, white juice.  I had never come like that before - the eruptions seemed to continue on forever in a never-ending orgasm that kept us on this threshold of pleasure for what seemed an eternity.

I must have blacked out, because when I woke up it was morning and there was no sigh of Michael.  I thought it had all been a dream, but when I sat up, I saw all the cum on my stomach, and touching my neck, felt two little holes where his teeth had pierced my skin.  I swam back to shore and headed for home.  I spent the rest of the day sleeping, not terribly surprised to realize I was very weak from the loss of blood.  I slept deeply, and when I awoke, the moon was already rising in the sky.  It was another hot and muggy night.  I was hungry, but food did not seem to interest me, so I waited until midnight and headed for the swimming bay.  This time I wore nothing, and as I walked to the beach, I became desperate to see Michael again.  My cock rose tall and stood straight out from my body, and as I walked, it bobbed up and down.

When I reached the beach, he was waiting on the rock, his long cock already as hard as mine.  He opened up his arms, beckoning to me, and I swam out to meet him.  I climbed up on the rock and walked into his arms.  We kissed passionately, our tongues dueling, while our cocks fought between our bellies.

"I have been waiting for you for a long time, " he began.

"Well, here I am," I murmured "and I am yours - now and for all time."

"Tonight, you will begin the change and you will taste blood for the first time.  Do you still wish to be one of us?"

"Yes," I replied, pushing my groin into his so that our cocks were again rubbing together, leaking pre-cum, and coating each other with every movement of our hips.

He knelt down in front of me, and with one movement, he swallowed my cock down to its root.  The sensation was exquisite as his tongue swirled around my cockhead.  I moaned out loud and shifted position, so that I was fucking his mouth, too.  His hand caressed my hairy balls and soon he brought me to the brink.  Quickly, I stopped his bobbing head and pushed him down onto the rock, lowered myself, and took position with my opened lips over his throbbing pole.  He kept sucking my cock and licking my balls as I touched the tip of his organ with my tongue and tasted his clear fluid.  It was salty but strangely satisfying, and I wanted more.  Slowly, I took his dick into my mouth and inched down to his pubic hair.  When I had swallowed its entire length, we both stopped sucking and held each other's throbbing fucktool deeply in our throats.

In time, he took his mouth off my erection and started licking my balls, then the area below them, until he reached my asshole, where his tongue began to drill more, and more deeply into me.  Next, he slowly inserted a finger into me.  It felt good as he slowly massaged my hole, and when I was ready, he eased in another finger and again massaged me.  By then, my cock was pulsating wildly, anticipating what was going to happen next.  He pulled himself out of my mouth, and still massaging me, he turned himself so that he was kneeling between my spread legs.  Pulling out his fingers, he then put the tip of his cock at the entrance of my chute.  I wanted him inside me, but he did not enter me at once.

"First," he said softly, "let us become one, just as we did last night."

"Anything," I agreed. "Anything - just as long as you fuck me crazy."

He moved in closer, put our two hot cocks together, and told me to feel our mutual pulse, just as we had done last night.  It was at that moment that I noticed his voice had changed, and looking up at him, saw that his eyes were red, and that the fangs had again appeared.  This, far from frightening me, excited me, and for the first time, I sensed a transformation occurring in me also.

"Ah yes, you are  changing too," he said, with a hypnotic smile." You are becoming one of us."

I felt my teeth with my tongue to discover that I had also grown fangs.  I sensed that my eyes, too, had changed, for everything was more intense.  We growled and moaned our passion as he massaged our cocks together, until I soon started feeling his pulse and my own become one.  Quickly, our cocks throbbed to the maximum and held their ground, not being able to take in any more blood.  That's when he let go of my dick, and with one plunge buried his tool in my ass.

I cried out, not in pain but in pure pleasure, for I had never felt as satisfied, as filled as this.  I felt his cock against my prostate, coaxing pre-cum out of my cockhead.  We did not move for awhile, enjoying this sensation, and then - as if on cue - we both started the age-old fucking movement.  My legs were folded around his back, and he lowered himself as we kissed and licked our faces with growls and groans like two wild animals.

"You will now taste blood - your own - for the first time," he explained, as he reached for my neck, found my throbbing vein, and bit into me.  I squirmed against him, and still pushing his cock into me, he started sucking my blood.

After a moment, he stopped and stared into me.  There was blood on his lips and chin and this sight brought me close to the brink.  He lowered his face and again pressed his lips to mine, and I got my first taste of blood.

It was sweet and hot and seemed to fill me with energy.  We were now heading toward climax, as he pushed into me harder and harder, and my own cock responded in kind.  The taste of blood drove me wild, and I turned my head and bit into his throat.  His blood spurted into my mouth.  That's when we came, cocks erupting at precisely the same moment.

Again I passed out, and woke up just as the sun was beginning to come up.  The light hurt my eyes, and I ran back to the cottage and closed all the curtains to stay in the dar.  Soon, I fell asleep, and hours later, awoke with a roaring hard on - ready for my last initiation.

At midnight, I ran to the beach, and just as before, he was waiting for me with arms and hard cock outstretched.  I swam out, lifted myself onto the rock, and knelt to take his throbbing tool deep into my throat.  He moaned his pleasure, spread his legs wide, and I slipped under his balls to lick my way into his musky ass.  I rimmed him thoroughly, before standing behind him and pushing my fucktool into him.  We stood there, my arms around his chest, and enjoyed the sensation of our union.  I tickled and pinched his nipples as he turned his head and we kissed.  Our united bodies started to move together and I began to push in and out of his tight ass.  I could feel his muscles clench my cock.

"How would you like to fly tonight?" he asked.

"Fly...?" I replied. "I don't know how..."

"Let me show you.... it is so easy..."

Before I knew it, we had risen into the night air with my cock still inside him.  I held on tightly and enjoyed my first flight - floating, soaring, plunging in the black night air.

"Now try it on your own," he urged.

Much as I did not want to release my cock, I was curious to try this new adventure, so I slowly took my tool out and let go of him.  Inexplicable, I was flying.  I looked down to see the lake and forest surrounding it, then at the stars.  We embraced in mid-air, our cocks sliding together and our tongues searching out each other's mouth.

In time, we headed back to the rock and lay down.  Now I was on top as we ground our crotches together, seeking release, wanting to reach another seemingly endless orgasm.   Within seconds our heartbeats and our hunger became one.  We wrapped our legs around each other and kissed hungrily, gradually sliding our mouths into the crook of each other's neck.  As one, we both bit into each other's flesh.  Our pelvises were slamming into each other as we continued to feed upon each other's blood.  This time our climax never seemed to end.  Spurt after spurt of hot cum poured out of our bodies and onto our flesh.

"Come," he whispered.

We rose, but as he gave me his hand, I tripped and fell into the water.

That's when I woke up.  I had fallen into the water, and that's when I realized that this all must have been a dream.  In the heat, I had fallen asleep and dreamt this crazy dream.

        Blinking in the bright sunlight, I climbed back onto the rock.  It was morning and the sun was again blindingly hot.  My cock was also hot and ready for action.

Just as I reached for it, my cousin, Mike, called to me from the shore.  Mike is six-two, 170 and muscular.

"Just got here," he shouted.

As he waved, he saw my cock standing out straight from me, and he smiled.  As I watched him strip out of his swim suit, I wiped the sweat
from my neck.  I stopped short, suddenly aware of two tiny marks near the base of my throat.

"Mosquito bites," I thought.

And then I ran my tongue gingerly over my teeth.  They were sharp as knives......

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