Queer Vampires

T H E    M A S T E R    P L A N

He was a gorgeous man, six-foot three, jet-black hair with just the right amount of graying at the temples.  Muscular in every aspect, he was the type of man that would send any man (or woman) into a complete sexual frenzy.  He had been the commander of one of the largest armies that the world had ever seen.  Other men noticed how sexy he looked in his military uniform, almost god-like. There was something different about this man.  However, no human being could determine what his secret really was.  He was victorious and had the world at his feet--his name was General Machelli.

Before entering the war Machelli was a grade school teacher, a soft-spoken man who was scared of his own shadow.  Called into service, he quickly rose through the ranks. During the war a new man emerged, a strong man, a fearless man who learned to attack life.  He became a superb battle strategist. His superiors often consulted him on the subject. The entire human race wondered what caused the transformation in this meek man.

Unbeknownst to other humans, during the war, Machelli had been captured by the enemy, a race of vampires.  During this captivity the king of the vampires fed on him incessantly.   At first he hated the king, but as time progressed he came to love and to look forward to the times when the king would feed.

The king loved Machelli like no other.  Machelli learned from the king the power that the vampires possessed and decided he wanted that power.  The proposal in part was that Machelli would accept the king's offer of conversion and then the vampires would leave the planet.

The battle for the planet was not going well for the king and his legions.  The king thought by having Machelli on his side that accomplishing his goal would be only a matter of time.  The king knew the arrangement would someday lead to the planet being under his control.  This is what he wanted.  The proposal was accepted and Machelli was transformed into a vampire.  No human knew of the transformation.

The humans of the world, thought that the would-be conquerors had been abolished from the world by the deeds and actions of Machelli.   They did not know the real truth.  To the rest of world, Machelli was the conqueror, a leader and he was their hero.

After the war, Machelli started a business and brought many others into his embrace.  Machelli built his business by recruiting the best of the best.    On this occasion, he had recruited an intelligent handsome graduate student by the name of Bob Frost. Machelli immediately knew when he met Bob that he was the one.  The one he had been looking for to complete the plan. Machelli, the CEO, had great plans for Bob and knew when he recruited him out of the top business school that he was destined to be his right hand man.  He knew he would eventually bring him into the fold the way he had done with the other members of his corporate family.   Machelli offered Bob anything he wanted in order to recruit him into his family, knowing the ultimate gift would be bestowed later.  Bob finally accepted the offer.

Bob was immediately challenged and satisfied with his work.   He was put in charge of the International Division reporting directly to the CEO.  Bob and Machelli became instant friends and worked on many winning proposals that brought lucrative business to the firm.  All the other employees knew what the future held for Bob.  He would become the intimate of the CEO and when the opportunity came he too would become part of the corporate family.

The opportunity came one night when Bob was requested to meet at Machelli's residence, where they were to have dinner and talk about an upcoming business proposal.   Machelli had been planning this night for sometime and knew tonight would be the night.  During the course of the evening they worked very close together and many times Bob was aroused by Machelli's seductive suggestions.   Machelli was able to arouse Bob by the words that he projected into Bob's mind.

"I've wanted you from the first day I met you on my recruiting trip.  I knew you were the one.  I want you more now than ever before.  I must have you tonight.  This night you will be mine."

Bob at first ignored the vampire's advances.   He tried to concentrate on the work, but the intensity of Machelli's projections became over-powering.  After a few hours Bob was no longer able to take the seduction and finally succumbed to Machelli's desires.

"I have thoughts and desires that I have never felt before.  Is it wrong to want another man, the way I want you right now?"

The two embraced and kissed on the lips.  Machelli then started stroking Bob's hair and kissing him all about his body.  Bob responded in a similar manner until they were both making the fucking motion through their clothes with their hips.  Bob revealed his sex tool first, a well developed unit that measured about 7" inches in length.  Machelli caressed the unit, stroked it softly and eventually progressed to a harder stroke resulting in Bob ejaculating many times.  The vampire was not interested in the juices that came.   Then Bob reached and opened Machelli's pants, which showed evidence of stiffness against the clothing.  As the pressure was released the pants lurched forward revealing his prong.    Upon seeing the unit, Bob couldn't believe his eyes.

"Holy shit! I have never seen anything like this before.  I have heard of well endowed men, but….!

It was a beautiful prong of about 14" and on it appeared various holes that gave it an unusual allure.   This was the vampire's feeding tool.  The holes were the feeding troughs where the fangs would appear, once the vampire was ready to take the victim.

Bob thought how it compared to his own undersized unit.   He was embarrassed, but continued on.   The two began stroking each other's prongs and Bob drank of his new partner's juices many times…continuously licking the sweet tasting liqueur oozing from Machelli's body.   The taste of Machelli's semen sent Bob into such intense ecstasy.

"The taste is so exhilarating. Take me, I want you to fuck me in the ass."

Machelli lying down on his back with his unit sticking straight up, instructed Bob to impale himself on the spike.    Bob at first was a little hesitant.  Machelli's large size hurt Bob, but eventually the prong began to disappear into his opening.
The vampire's shaft length determined their rank within the society.   The shorter shafts, less than 14 inches, were given to the lower ranking vampires.  The more powerful vampires were endowed with the larger sex units.

Machelli was at full size, a length that he has never used before during feeding, and he knew that in order to prepare Bob for his transformation that he must be received in this manner. As time passed, Bob's hole began to accept the size of the massive prong.  Bob found the experience very enjoyable.

"You inside of me makes me feel so good.  I can feel your long prong probing ever inch of my body."

They went on fucking for hours, and each time a thrust was made Machelli knew how much closer he came to claiming the prize. Bob became so entranced, that at first he didn't notice that Machelli had removed his prong from his ass.  Bob finally noticing this, grabbed the prong and put the unit in his mouth and began to suck.  Machelli knew this was where he wanted and needed to be.

Once the prong was in the victim's mouth there was no escape.  Activated by the victim's saliva the holes would open up and the sucking fangs would appear.  They would continue to suck until the victim was in a state of semi-unconsciousness.

As Bob engulfed the prong, he began to work his head into a rhythmic motion, sucking and sucking.  He didn't even notice that something strange was happening in his mouth.  Machelli's sex-tool had expanded even larger than before, filling his mouth completely.   Finally, Bob noticed the strange sensation in his mouth.   It was too late, Bob was in a daze from the pleasure he felt.

Machelli had finally tasted Bob's sweet red juice and quickly moved to continue the conversion, by entering his prong into Bob's anus.

"You are mine." – Machelli thought.

Once again sending Bob into a complete stage of nirvana.   Bob although semi unconscious was enjoying what was happening and accepted the vampire's offering.

"You’re a vampire aren't you."  -

Machelli finally spoke to Bob. "Yes, I am, my kind are sex vampires—we use our sex tools for feeding on our victims. This night is the night that I chose for you to join me. Do you want to be one of us?"

Bob enjoying what was happening to him immediately blurted without any reservation – "Yes, take me!!!" – Machelli knew this would be the answer.

The vampire would continue fucking as the fangs on the prong proceeded to drain the victim, until finally the gift was bestowed.   As he completed the transformation, Machelli remembered back to the time when he was transformed by the king and how he felt having been endowed with his sex tool.  The transformation was quick and painless.  Bob asked what was happening?

"Something beautiful, you are being transformed into a level of existence that most humans will never experience."

What occurs is that the victim's own prong grows to unusual proportions, as a result of the constant pressure from the fucking and blood gorging, until the victim's own sex unit explodes.   From this explosion a new tool emerges.   The new prong will grow to a specified length with the alluring holes that hide the fangs.   This becomes the feeding tool.  The new vampire is now initiated as a member of the family.

Bob upon awakening felt strange but, after seeing his new tool of 14 inches he was very excited.

"It's beautiful – I feel so different--it is the same length and color as yours"

"I have endowed you with a sex tool that only a select few of our kind possess.  You will soon meet the other one…our King.  But for now, you must feed to gain strength…are you ready to proceed"

 Bob fed on Machelli, but this time to gain strength and use his new tool for the first time.    They continued fucking.  Many nights passed as Machelli trained Bob.  They fed each night on each other and on occasion they fed upon humans.  They were very careful not to bestow the gift on these humans, but to fuck and drain them leaving nothing but a shell.

Bob now a strong vampire, and Machelli, returned to work on the plan they previously started – what Bob discovered was that it was a plan for world domination and that he had been a key component of the plan all along.

Machelli now contacted the vampire king.  Within just a few hours the king appeared on the scene.  The king was a beautiful man.  He was about six-foot and had the body of a greek god.  He appeared naked with his long 14" prong fully erect ready to renew his relationship with Machelli.  Bob recognized at that point how fortunate he was to be like the king and Machelli.

The sex vampires could have sex with others of their own kind and the union only made them more powerful.

Machelli proceeded to have sex with the king and informed him how the plan they derived was progressing.    The love they felt for each other was evident. The king then proceeded to christen Bob as a new member of his family.

"My king, I have kept my promise to you.  Is Bob not beautiful?  I have waited for your return and now we can complete our master plan."

The plan developed by the king and Machelli many years earlier required Machelli to create vampires from this world until he had enough to conquer the world.   The last one that was created, before he was to contact the king, would be the strongest of them all….Bob was this vampire.    The three of them, with their legions, then proceeded with their business…conquering the world and feeding on the 14 billion humans that remained.   The king of the sex vampires now had what he wanted….

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