by Felix Lance Falkon

Usual warnings apply: no one under age allowed, for external use
only, shake well before using, slippery when wet, this side up,
and so on. Copyright (C) 1999 by Felix Lance Falkon; you may make
single copies for personal use, but posting, archiving, or
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Now half-naked, Jeffrey stopped stripping off his Space Patrol uniform and tried to remember -- what? Underfoot, a soft carpet of moss cushioned every step of his heavy boots, while the scattered fern-trees let this planet's sun warm Jeffrey's broad, bare chest. It's good to get out of these clothes, Jeffrey thought to himself, sliding his fingers over the hard contours of his pectoral muscles and on down his torso to grip the buckle of his low-slung gun-belt. Good to show off my muscles like this, yeah; but why? And Rob -- what happened to that young Space Patrol studling?

Jeffrey's wandering gaze found a pile of clothing a dozen meters ahead: shirt, trousers, even a discarded gun-belt. Rob's? Jeffrey took a deep breath, savoring the breeze curling over bare arms and shoulders. Suddenly, he sensed something -- a hint of something in the breeze, in his nose, then throughout his muscular body. Jeffrey tightened his grip on his belt buckle, then ripped his trousers open. Underneath, Jeffrey's prong strained against his shorts. Another quick jerk tore away that thin cloth, and his prong snapped erect. Jeffrey stripped clothing from narrow hips and powerful legs, then paused to look down at himself.

Boots? Except for them, Jeffrey's virile body was nude, and his cock jutted stiffly from a tangle of blond hair. Take off my boots? Jeffrey shook his head; it'd take too much time; I can move faster with them on; and anyway, they won't get in the way of -- of whatever I'm supposed to do with my spike. Jeffrey frowned, trying to remember. The breeze, feather-light, slid over his skin. He sniffed, took a deep breath, and then strode upwind, over his own discarded clothing, past Rob's, onward.

Jeffrey moved at a steady pace until the wind died. He paused, and went on when it blew again. He rounded one more cluster of trees, saw a man standing a dozen meters away -- Rob, his lithe body as naked as Jeffrey's -- and hurried to the young Space Patrolman's side.

Rob was looking down at a meter-wide, crotch-high, skyward- pointing flower blossom. He looked up as Jeffrey dropped his left hand on Rob's right shoulder and asked, "Hi, Jeffrey. This thing caught you too?"

"I -- yeah. Started stripping a few meters before you did. What the fuck's up, anyway?"

"Our cocks, for one." Rob snapped a forefinger against Jeffrey's glans, then touched his own.

Jeffrey looked more closely; there was a root, a tendril, a something as thick as his finger, something that arched up from the yellow flower's center and down into the end of Rob's prong, impaling that rigid shaft from glans to . . . "Uh -- how deep does that thing go?"

"All the way in; feel."

Keeping his left hand on the young man's bare shoulder, Jeffrey gripped the youth's shaft with his right. He felt the root -- tendril -- whatever -- as a hard ridge that ran down inside Rob's prong, from tip to . . . With his fingers, Jeffrey traced it to the youth's crotch, then pulled his hand back. "All the way into the base of your cock? What's it doing there?"

"I'm not sure -- yet." Rob was breathing hard, his shoulder muscles tensing under Jeffrey's fingers. "It feels like -- like I don't know what. Taking root, maybe, searching --"

"For what?" asked Jeffrey, then wished he hadn't. "You don't --"

Rob looked into Jeffrey's eyes. "Something to eat, I guess." He tried to grin. "Taking root -- feeding on me -- you know. Planet's got some weird vegetation, and this --" He expanded his chest; muscles pulled taut on his lithe frame. "Every so often, it makes me -- or something makes me shoot it a load of juice."

"Juice? Ball-cream? You mean it's making you come and it's feeding on that?" Jeffrey felt his own rock-hard prong twitch, twich again.

Rob nodded. "Watch: I'm gonna come again -- couple of seconds -- now!" And as Jeffrey stared, Rob jabbed his hips forward and went rigid. His spitted prong jerked, throbbed a dozen times. At each twitch, a bulge slid along the tendril from Rob's virile organs and on into the giant flower. "See?" the yong Space Patrolman gasped. "Wasn't kidding."

"I didn't think you were," said Jeffrey, as he felt Rob's muscles relax.

"Every time I do come," Rob said with a worried frown, "I squirt longer and harder."

"Just ball-juice -- sperm and semen?"

"It feels like just plain come, but I'm not enough of a stud to pump out that much. At least. I wasn't before." He sighed and touched Jeffrey's hard shaft. "Even you aren't that much of a cocksman. It'll drain us both dry, eventually."

"It'll take a while, and until it does . . ."

The youth nodded. "Getting eaten alive, but it's kinda fun. Lots of fun, really. Cocksucked to death?" He grinned at Jeffrey. "Your turn's pretty soon; this thing's growing another cock-stabber already, and --"

"I see it, yeah." Fascinated, Jeffrey stared at the pencil-thick stalk that rose from the huge blossom. As that stalk lengthened, the pointed tip seemed to be searching -- it was searching, he suddenly realized. "Here, you fucking vampire," Jeffrey growled, as the tendril bent toward him.

Jeffrey felt his muscles tighten. I oughta step back, oughta run; at least I could brush the fucking thing away before -- but he just waited, one hand on Rob's shoulder, watching, fascinated, as the tendril dipped toward his glans. It touched him, a feather-light stroke that triggered his shaft into an involuntary twitch. The tip touched his glans again and probed delicately. Secondary rootlets sprouted from main axis and began to explore the velvety surface of his glans.

"Can't ya make up your fucking -- there, ya found the the way in," Jeffrey growled as one rootlet, then another, dipped into the opening in his cocktip. The main tendril impaled Jeffrey's glans, lanced slowly down his shaft and into the roots of his virility. A line of burning, stretching pain traced that impalement, but in a moment pain faded into warmth. Inside, deep inside, he felt the tendril probe, now and again setting off an orgiastic spasm. "I -- I dunno if I'm gonna come or not."

"I know. At first, it's just settling in, finding out where things are, stuff like that. Pretty soon, though . . ."

"Putting in a pipeline to drain my balls? What I don't understand is why I'm just standing here and letting the fucker -- just letting it take root inside me."

"Same with me," said Rob. "Made both of us strip and get hard-ons and come looking for it. Probably some kind of special odor it puts out; least that's my guess."

"Sounds 'bout right; I was moving up-wind all the way." Jeffrey looked down again, comparing the pencil-thick tendril that had impaled his shaft and the finger-thick one in Rob's. "How come the thing stuck a bigger drain-pipe into your shaft?"

"Huh? Oh, that." The youth chuckled. "It'll grow, soon as you start pumping loads. It's a good thing it starts out small, otherwise it'd split your cock wide open, going in. Hey, you aren't jealous?"

"No. Maybe. We're both pretty big, up hard like this. Fuck, I don't know what I feel like now." He paused, frowning. The tightness in the roots of his genitals strengthened, his chest expanded, his stomach pulled in, his muscles tightened. "Gonna come," he growled.

"Already?" Rob sounded envious. "You are a stud." He took a deep breath. "Wait a sec, and I'll come with ya."

Jeffrey's own orgasm was upon him: hot juices erupted suddenly. His cock jerked, pumped a jet of sperm, pumped his load into the tendril that filled his urethra, pumped his virile geyser into the flower that was feeding on him. Spent, he shook himself. Rob was still in the throes of a climax that went on and on.

"Okay?" asked Jeffrey, when the naked youth relaxed at last.

"Yep. The longer I come, the more fun I have. And with you keeping me company -- hey! Somebody else's found us!"

Jeffrey turned and saw four more men, naked but for their boots, approaching at a trot: Eddie, Hal, Juan, and brown-skinned Ki. As they neared, Jeffrey called out, "Hey, you guys are s'posed to get us loose, 'stead of getting caught too."

"And miss all the fun?" laughed Juan. "When we started stripping and getting hard -- hey, what is coming off, anyway?"

"Feeding these cocksucking tendrils," said Jeffrey. "You guys will too, real soon. Take a look." He glanced down at his impaled shaft; the tendril was thicker, and visibly thickening as he watched.

Rob explained what had happened to him, with a pause while he pumped another load into the plant. Finished, he asked, "Hey, how 'bout Bill? Or Ricky? If they get gas masks from the ship -- "

"That countdown's not going t' launch," said Juan. "They stripped when we did; but we kept our boots on and they dropped theirs. Half-way here, Bill stepped into something that started eating him alive, feet first. Ricky got too close, and now the thing's eating him too. They were in about ankle-deep when the wind changed and we went on, looking for -- for whatever it is we're looking for."

"So we're stuck," said Ki. "Bill and Ricky, getting eaten back there, and six of us here: that's our whole team. Uh -- what does this thing do now, anyhow?"

"It's got another tendril ready," said Jeffrey, pointing to a rising stalk of pale green. "Who wants to be next?"

The naked, hard-cocked newcomers looked at each other, then slowly spread out in a circle around the great flower, prongs outthrust over the golden petals. Jeffrey looked to his right; Hal folded his arms across his powerful chest and calmly watched the tendril bend toward his shaft, find his glans, and slide in.

Another tendril rose, vacillated between Eddie and Juan for a moment, then took Eddie. As the pointed tip slid into his glans, Eddie laughed, slapped Juan on the back, and said, "Now we know who's the horniest, don't we?"

"No orbit outa that," said Juan. "Fucking cocksucker can't see where it's going; and it's saving the fucking best for dessert, anyway."

"Uh -- let's run that by me again," said Ki, as the next tendril dipped toward his own sturdy cock. "That doesn't -- quite -- ah! This isn't as bad as I thought."

"What's the matter, Ki?" asked Rob. "Think it was going to bore a new hole down through your meat, 'stead of using the one you already got?"

"I wasn't sure, and I figured I'd find out soon enough." Ki carefully squeezed the barrel of his shaft. "It's going in deep, and it's already doing something inside me."

Jeffrey felt a hand on his right shoulder and turned to meet Hal's anxious frown. "Ya getting turned on yet?"

Hal nodded. "Pressure getting stronger inside, going up fast." His hand squeezed Jeffrey's deltoid muscle. "I'm not even touching my spike, and all of a sudden I'm -- already -- there!" Hal's hips thrust twice, his impaled cock throbbed, and he began to pump sperm into the tendril. Jeffrey, watching, felt his own organs convulse, felt himself erupt again.

Across the giant flower from Jeffrey, another tendril bent down to take Juan, the last of the naked Space Patrolmen. As Jeffrey climaxed, he watched Juan impale his shaft on the tendril with a thrust of his hips.

Eddie's about to climax, Jeffrey told himself; the rest, even impatient Juan, they'll start feeding the strange blossom any minute now. But for how long . . . we're all lusty studs, yes; but we won't last forever: we'll run dry eventually. And after that . . . Pressure was building in the roots of his own shaft again. . . . Right now I'm just about to feed this thing another shot, and it's gonna be a good one!

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