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Nadya: The Wolf Chronicles

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  • Nadya: The Wolf Chronicles
  • Author: Pat Murphy
  • Publisher: Tor Books
  • Year: 1997
  • Country: US
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Murphy turns with great success to historical fantasy, giving us Nadya, the werewolf child of European werewolf immigrants. She grows up in 1830s Missouri and heads west after her parents' tragic deaths. She endures all the normal hardships of the trail to California at that time, to say nothing of the special hazards incumbent on being a werewolf. She seeks a frontier where no one will trouble her but finds it steadily receding before her. Based on thorough research, featuring convincing characterizations, and sparked by a page-turning pace (despite the fact it is so richly detailed that you want to slow down now and then), this is a comprehensively excellent yarn

Qvamp says:

A fantasy novel about a female werewolf and her lesbian lover on the early nineteenth-century American frontier.

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