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Ultimate Reality

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  • Ultimate Reality
  • Author: Tyler Adams
  • Director: Ross Cannon
  • Producer: John Travis and Scott Masters
  • Year: 1996
  • Country: US
  • 76 minutes
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An unusual gay porn video about a new cybersex CD-ROM in a video store that
creates your wildest fantasies and pulls you in to it. The trouble is that while
you may get your fantasies, it will be based upon the old classic horror movies.

Qvamp says:

This video was an unusual find, and one that would
have been really easy to miss. Little has been
written up about this video, and what was written
only discussed its CD-ROM portion.

The surprise is that all the sequences involved
a classic horror book/movie. A tea-room scene
with a sailor ended up with one of the
participants turning into a werewolf. Another one
found an actor discovering that his casting coach
was really the Phantom of the Opera. A third
involved a man becoming victim to a vampire. The
fourth scene involved a man creating his own
Frankenstein's monster.

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