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When Will You Rage?

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  • When Will You Rage?
  • Editor: Stewart Wieck
  • Publisher: White Wolf
  • Year: 1994
  • Country: US
  • 448 pages
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Long have the Garou of the Western Eye Sept guarded the San Francisco region from the Wyrm's evil. Thus far, the Garou believe, their efforts have kept their millennia-long enemy at bay. But their vigil has failed. The Wyrm's murderous minions have insinuated themselves in Silicon Valley, Oakland, Berkeley and even the City itself.

The time for watching has passed. The Garou must rise and fight. It is a battle they cannot hope to win, but they fight with courage, determination, and an inner rage that relentlessly drives them. Some werewolves have left the safety of the forests and taken the battle to the streets. Now their rage grows even more intense, for they can see firsthand the taint of the Wyrm. Has the corruption infected even their own kind?

When Will You Rage? is an anthology of 19 original short stories detailing the lives and battles of San Francisco's werewolves. Follow them as they confront the many guises of the Wyrm.

Qvamp says:

A World of Darkness novel. This collection of short stories includes two with gay content. The story 'A Useless Death' in this novel is woven into the storyline of Such Pain by Don Bassingthwaite. 'Calley's Story' introduces a hermaphroditic werewolf.

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