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  • Manimal
  • AKA:
    Karen Dior's Manimal
  • Author: Karen Dior
  • Director: Karen Dior
  • Producer: Macho Man Video
  • Year: 2001
  • Country: US
  • 90 minutes
movie cover

'In all of us there is an animal within,

a sexual predator that rips into flesh,

who's not afraid to push sex to the limit.

To do things that one might

normally be afraid to do...

The beast is waiting to come out...

...this beast is Manimal!'

Qvamp says:

Three very short scenes, one of which involves an actor in a werewolf mask. Unless you're hot into werewolves, save your money.

Rating D
Queer Vampire Rating D+
Amount of Gay Content porn


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