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Being Human

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  • Being Human
  • Editor: Toby Whithouse
  • Director: (various)
  • Producer: Matthew Bouch and Rob Pursey
  • Year: 2008
  • Country: UK
  • 60 minutes
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An extraordinary look into the lives of hospital porters George and Mitchell. Toiling anonymously in Bristol, England, they lead lives of quiet desperation under the burden of a terrible secret - Mitchell is a vampire and George is a werewolf. Deciding to start life afresh and leave behind the dark side, they move into a house, only to find that Annie, the ghost of a woman killed in mysterious circumstances, haunts it.

As the three deal with the challenges of their new lives together, they're united in their desire to blend in with their human neighbors. However, with unwelcome intruders into their world, a threatened revolution from the vampire underworld, constant threats of exposure, and the day-to-day issues faced by young people - the only thing they may be able to rely on is each other.

Qvamp says:

During the first season, we are only introduced to 'the gay life' for a couple of seconds, when the werewolf interrupts a gay couple making out in the woods.

In season 2 we meet an openly gay vampire who is suspected of killing his lover, and a friend of the ghost refers to the vampire and werewolf as 'her two dads.'

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User Ratings

By: caimil ( caimil75@hotmail.com )
Overall Rating: B     Queer werewolf Rating: D-    

Great story line, not enough sensual or erotic scenes after the watershed.



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