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  • Greenbelt
  • Author: Ford Davis
  • Publisher: CreateSpace
  • Year: 2009
  • Country: US
  • 338 pages


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One night a man is killed on his evening jog through an Austin greenbelt. Each full moon, the mysterious slaughters continue, revealing a virulent murderous trend that spreads through the Austin greenbelts and alters the lives of a few seemingly unrelated gay and lesbian citizens. Relationships weave and evolve punctuated with horror, suspense, eroticism and mystery throughout a year of Austin full moons. Austin lives in terror.

Qvamp says:

A werewolf novel dealing with a series of killings in a Texas park. Almost every character in the book is openly gay or lesbian, and the g/l angle is a major part of the plot.

While the motivation of the characters is generally hard to understand, the story has some unusual additional shape-changing in it in addition to the usual man->wolf morphing.

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