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I Was a Teenage Werebear

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  • I Was a Teenage Werebear
  • Author: Tim Sullivan
  • Director: Tim Sullivan
  • Year: 2011
  • Country: US
  • 25 minutes
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Part Beach Blanket Bingo, part Teen Wolf, this horror musical beach party pulls
from lots of genres and tears them apart! As the director says, 'imagine a gay
Grease crossed with Twilight!' I Was a Teenage Werebear follows a day in the life
of Ricky O'Reilly, the closeted new kid who falls for Talon; Malibu High's
mysterious bad boy. When aroused, the two transform into bestial leather daddies,
the titular 'Werebears.'

Qvamp says:

Set your expectations low and you'll enjoy this
short. Silly and strange, it is about a 1950s teen
coming to terms with his sexuality and his
attraction to the local bad boy, with were-bear-ian

Rating C
Queer Vampire Rating B-
Amount of Gay Content sex


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