Queer Horror


There is an amazing amount of things dealing with bisexual vampires, lesbian witches or gay demons. Here are a few articles dealing with specific aspects of GLBT horror. If you have an article to submit, please do.

Why did we make this site, what is it's purpose?


Conquering the Demon Within - The history of GLBT horror pulps. An analysis of how queers have changed since Stonewall.

How queer is Buffy - the Vampire Slayer? - Bi vamps, lesbian witches and gender-bending gods - the show that's got it all.

Queens in King - Queer characters in Stephen King's books.

The Sidekicks of Horror - So they haven't gotten their own show, but at least they're there.

Lambda Award Winners - What to read, from those that do.

'Zines - Short, sweet and to the point; self-published queer horror magazines to watch out for.

We're Here, We're Queer, We're Kindred - GLBT folk in 'The World of Darkness' RPG.


Hungry for your Love by Alexander Renault - An exploration of Streiber's book/move 'The Hunger'.

Vampires and AIDS - Even nightstalkers are at risk!

Suicide by Sodomy, Vampires and AIDS - more information on AIDS from a movie point of view.

Rice Queens - Same-sex relationships in Anne Rice's vampire novels.

Devising the Vampire by Katherine Ramsland

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs' Manor: Homosexuality and Vampirism by Michael Lombardi-Nash, Ph.D. - An exploration of the world's first gay vampire story.

Biting in Bed - Gay Vampires in Porn.

Out Through The Ages - The history of GLBT vampires.



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