Queer Horror

The 1999 Queer Horror Awards

In 1999, we are seeing a slight 'niceness' towards GLBT folks

Best overall
The Wolves of Kromer - This movie explored the parallels between coming out as queer and coming out as a monster. Overall, this was engaging and insightful. Very recommended.
Most Fun
South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut - You've got to enjoy a quintet that includes a relationship between a (male) Satan and Saddam Hussein.
Ragdoll - The most interesting addition to gay, black, horror culture to hit movies ever. This film while not exactly gay-positive, hit a target audience that needed to be hit and included a stereotypical, but extremely bad-ass, gay role-model.
The Velocity of Gary - Not many horror flicks deal with AIDS in an adult manner. This film does and, for that, is highly recommended. Not horror by any stretch, but it does include mention of vampires.



1999 Award Nominations



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