Queer Horror

The 2000 Queer Horror Awards

The Queer Horror awards committee had a number of good entries to choose from. However, most entries ended up being in different categories. So, rather than having very different types of materials compete with one another, it was decided to create a number of different categories. Only one item is selected from the list of all winners to become the best overall item for 2000.
Best overall
Traditional Family Vampires by Bob Poirier

Best novel
Face Without a Heart by Rick R. Reed

Best short story collection
Queer Fear by Michael Rowe

Best non-fiction
The Horror Reader by Ken Gelder

Best movie
Prison of the Dead by Victoria Sloan

(honorable mention - The Brotherhood by David DeCoteau, an excellent, homoerotic movie, but did not have any openly queer characters)

Best short
Traditional Family Vampires by Bob Poirier

Best TV
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (the series) by Joss Whedon

(honorable mention - X-Files episode X-Cops by Vince Gilligan)
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